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Stacey Solomon packs son Rex’s overnight bag as they spend the night in hospital after his accident

STACEY Solomon packed son Rex’s overnight bag as she prepared to spend the night in hospital with him after his accident.

The pregnant 31-year-old star revealed earlier today that fiance Joe Swash had broken down in tears after their two year old suffered a “nightmare accident”.

Stacey revealed she and Rex will be staying in hospital overnight

They waited for hours at the hospital to get “proper stitches” put in as the “fiddly” butterfly ones weren’t holding in the “awkward” position.

However, Stacey was dealt a blow when the hospital were forced to send Rex home due to a lack of beds – with the mother-of-three preparing to stay overnight later on in the day.

Updating fans on her Instagram Story, the TV favourite wrote: “We have had to come back home because there were lots of more urgent little ones who needed care and Rex couldn’t wait any longer without some food and water so we are playing in the garden waiting to find out when to go back again.”

Stacey later received a call from the hospital telling her to stay overnight so Rex can get the stitches done first thing – and he won’t be allowed to eat any food after midnight as a result.

She has been keeping fans updated via Instagram
The pregnant star admitted she was suffering from ‘baby brain’ as she tried to pack

She explained: “The ward called and they were so lovely, and they have a bed so they want us to come in tonight to make sure we get the stitches done first thing in the morning, within 48 hours [of the accident].

“I’m going to sit here and write a list, and pack a bag, maybe take a shower, feed the kids and try to feed him up as much as I can before midnight so he’s not too hungry tomorrow.

“Hopefully we will be home and singing along to Baby Shark as quickly as possible tomorrow.”

However, Stacey, who is expecting her fourth child later this year, panicked that “baby brain” would make her forget something important – documenting her bag packing on social media.

Stacey documented the whole process on social media
She even remembered fluffy slippers for herself

She admitted: “I’m in Rex’s room packing his bag and downloading Moana and some Friends episodes for me.

“My baby brain is not great at the moment so if any of you know any good things that I will probably forget let me know…”

Stacey ended up packing some food Rex will be able to eat after the stitches have been put in, his essentials, spare clothes, and Rex’s favourite bunny soft toy.

The star also packed her fluffy slippers, a laptop, and wash stuff for herself.


Stacey revealed fiance Joe cried over Rex’s accident[/caption]


They waited in the hospital for hours today to get ‘proper stitches’ put in[/caption]

She added: “I’ve packed a separate snack bag for me, a flask of tea for tonight, a fejka just for some comfort. I think I have it all. Hopefully. Once I’m in, I’m in.”

This morning, Stacey explained that Rex had suffered a nasty fall in the garden, sharing: “We had a nightmare yesterday. Rex fell over in the garden and we were like, ‘Up you get.’ Then we looked and it was not an ‘up you get’ situation.

“He hurt his lip so we took him into A&E and he had some little butterfly strips put on.”

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However, they were sent home[/caption]

Stacey announced she is pregnant last week

She added: “I’m going back today to get him proper stitches, because it’s in a really awkward place.

“But he was so good and he didn’t make a sound. He was just like: ‘Yeah, fix it,’ to the doctor. But he was so good.”

Stacey then turned the phone to Joe, saying: “Joe on the other hand…”

Joe replied, shaking his head: “Honestly, when the kids are hurt I panic like nobody’s business.”


The bundle of joy is her fourth child[/caption]

Stacey added: “He had to leave the room and he was crying. Bless your soul. I’ll be looking after Joe today more than Rex – I love you.”

Stacey announced that she was pregnant last week in a sweet video montage that documented her and Joe’s pregnancy journey.

She revealed they’d suffered heartbreaking miscarriages and believed they’d never be blessed with another child.

In addition to Rex, Stacey is mum to 13-year-old Zachary, and nine-year-old Leighton, and Joe is dad to 13-year-old Harry from previous relationships.