Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson begs new boss to listen to the fans

HOLLYOAKS star Kieron Richardson has begged bosses on the soap to listen to the fans.

The actor is desperate for his character – Ste Hay – to stay with current partner James Nightingale because he believes it is what viewers want.

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Kieron Richardson wants his character Ste to stay with James on the soap[/caption]

Asked what he would like for his character in the future, the 35-year-old told The Sun Online: “I quite like the happiness he’s having at the minute so as long as that can continue. 

“He’s been paired with Greg’s (Gregory Finnegan) character James and they are a good little duo because he plays the lawyer and Ste’s the scally and just how different their lives are. They bring out good sides of each other.”

He continued: “I hope they have longevity. I see comments from the audience being like ‘please keep them together’, so I know they do sometimes listen to the audience so fingers crossed they will keep them together.”

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James is a lawyer – who Ste has fallen for[/caption]

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The actor believes the fans want his characters to stay with James[/caption]

Kieron – who has been on the soap since 2006 – has just launched a clothing brand named after his twins Phoebe and Chase.

But he has no plans to quit the soap, telling us: “Hollyoaks will always come first. I can never see myself saying I have had enough, I love it so much.”

Asked if he could be the Ian Beale of Hollyoaks, he replied laughing: “If they will have me, yes please.”

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Kieron has been part of Hollyoaks since 2006[/caption]

At the moment Kieron is juggling a number of things – his kids, a new business and his job –  but he wouldn’t change it for the world.

He explained: “The hours can be quite long but when you come back and walk through the door and have two little smiley faces running up to you, that feeling – I never thought that opportunity would be for me – and now I’ve got it and it’s the best feeling in the world. 

“Even if you do work hard, when you get home, it is worth it. You have to go out and pay the bills and give them this most amazing life.”

Phoebe and Chase

Off-screen Kieron and husband Carl has launched a clothing brand – pictured here with kids Phoebe and Chase[/caption]

Kieron and husband Carl became parents to twins Chase and Phoebe in 2017 via surrogacy.

He decided to create his own kids’ range after struggling to find things he wanted for his twins, now four.

Speaking about the range, he said: “I designed it all at home myself. I think my creative background as an actor has helped me with this process.”

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The pair are very different but work well[/caption]

Revealing his inspiration, he continued: “I saw a great post by Emma Willis when Ace had a pink T-shirt on and I was reading all the comments and it was quite inspirational. 

“I was like ‘why should kids be in gender secontions?’ and why should it be pink for girls and blue for boys, so we went for a yellow colour that is non binary and on the site itself its not in a boys section or girls section.”

He added:  “Kids can just go on and pick what clothes they like, it’s not gender specific.”


Phoebe & Chase is available in ages 2-8 years. Prices start at £9.99.