Ashley Cain’s girlfriend Safiyya breaks down in tears as she spoils star on Father’s Day after baby daughter’s death

ASHLEY Cain’s heartbroken girlfriend broke down in tears today after bravely pulling out all the stops to give him a wonderful Father’s Day.

Devastated Ashley had told his fans that his heart is “broken beyond repair” following the death of his eight-month-old daughter Azaylia in April.


Safiyya Vorajee has ‘cried all day’ on Father’s Day[/caption]


She did all she could to give Ashley Cain a special day[/caption]

But despite sharing his unimaginable grief, Ashley’s partner and Azaylia’s mum, Safiyya Vorajee, still managed to make his day special for him.

She admits, however, that she has found it hard.

In an Instagram video, Safiyya held back tears as she said: “Today has been such a hard day.

“I’ve been really, really struggling and literally crying all day. I can’t even control myself.


Ashley admitted his heart is ‘broken beyond repair’ as he prepared for Father’s Day[/caption]


Safiyya gave him some ‘King Of The Dad’ socks from Azaylia[/caption]


Ashley wore the socks for a Father’s Day run[/caption]

“I’m trying to make it such a special day for Ashley and Azaylia and do the best that I can do.”

Safiyya continued: “He’s smiling, we’re crying, we’re laughing, we’re playing her songs. I feel full already. But we’re doing as much as we can today to give Ashley the best Father’s Day we could possibly give him.”

Safiyya began the day by sharing a picture of Ashley and Azaylia, pledging on Instagram: “My heart is pounding my love is bursting, my world in 1 picture.

“I will make today special for you both. Azaylia, I will make sure daddy has a beautiful day, keep watching baby.


Safiyya also treated him to some ‘Super Hero’ boxer shorts[/caption]


The Ex On The Beach star was thrilled with his grazing platter[/caption]


Ashley said it was a ‘beautiful brunch’ from Azaylia and Safiyya[/caption]

“Let’s give daddy lots of smiles from you.”

Staying true to the promise she made to their little girl, she then showered Ashley with lots of thoughtful gifts.

Safiyya showed her Instagram followers the socks she had bought Ashley on behalf of Azalyia that read ‘King Of The Dads’.

She also treated him to a delicious tray of chocolate brownies, with an edible gift tag from their daughter, and a pair of ‘Super Hero’ boxer shorts.


There was a flower teddy featuring Azaylia’s initials[/caption]


Her name was also spelt out in orange and white flowers with Lion King bows[/caption]


Safiyya also got Ashley some flowers to place on Azaylia’s resting place[/caption]

In another video, Safiyya said: “Some treats from Azaylia to daddy. Some balloons, woah…what have you got here? Yummy, yummy, daddy!”

The camera then zoomed in on a stunning grazing gift box, packed with sandwiches, cheese, biscuits, fruit, cakes and chocolate.

Smiling, Ashley admitted: “I’m really, really pleased with this. A beautiful little post workout brunch from you and Azaylia.”

Safiyya told him: “You deserve it. You’re an absolute soldier today, aren’t you?”


Ashley and Safiyya’s daughter died in April[/caption]

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Their baby had a rare and aggressive leukaemia[/caption]

But despite her upbeat tone, she later wrote on the social media site: “I have cried so much today.

“I’ve tried to make Azaylia proud that I’ve given her daddy a beautiful day from her. Lots of little special treats to keep your spirit up Ash and to carry you through the day.

“We love you. Now it is time for your afternoon tasks for Azaylia.”

Safiyya went on to share a clip of a box, which was filled with stunning flower letters spelling out their daughter’s name.


Safiyya organised for a balloon display to be placed at Azaylia’s resting place[/caption]


They were all in Azalyia’s ‘colour’ – orange[/caption]


Ashley also found a ‘Best Dad In The Galaxy’ balloon in his baby’s garden[/caption]

“Another beautiful surprise for daddy is to have some nice, beautiful flowers for Azaylia for her resting place, her nice little garden,” she explained.

The grieving mum later made a short film at Azaylia’s burial site, holding up a ballon that read: “Happy 1st Father’s Day Daddy.

“Daddy, I’m always with you & so proud. Love you, Azalyia.”

Panning around her daughter’s garden, she said: “Wow, look at all the amazing things you have done for daddy. You’ve got balloons, oh and more balloons and more balloons! Wow.”

Azaylia was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer when she was just eight weeks old. The tot tragically lost her life to the cruel disease in April, aged eight months.

Ashley and Safiyya are now working hard to ensure Azaylia’s legacy lives and have set up a charity in her name.