Damian Sosa Claims Controversial Split Decision Win Over Abel Mina

The WBO NABO super-welterweight title bout between Abel Mina and Damian Sosa certainly stayed true to the hype. Both the pugilists rolled out an enigmatic show for the fans and kept them entertained throughout. However, it was Damian Sosa who came out on top in this fight and claimed a gratifying split decision win.

As the fight began, Mina adopted an offensive approach and went all guns blazing against his fellow adversary. He took full advantage of his power and reach to land some of the most exuberant punches of the fight. Also, he had a majority of the moments in the fight, and Sosa didn’t really have the answer to his assault initially.

However, as the fight proceeded and Sosa got comfortable, he came onto the front foot to walk Mina down. As a result, he remained fairly successful in the same.

The 24-year-old approached this fight differently even after being hammered with a few strikes in the initial rounds. He displayed a champion mentality to keep Mina off him and simultaneously landed his colossal right hands. With that, he even dodged the heat coming off Ecuadorian’s hands.

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As the contest moved to the last rounds, Mina didn’t really have much power left, and he only was on the receiving end of mammoth punches. Sosa took advantage of the same and came out with his strict game-plan to turn the tide in his favor.

The oppressive approach helped Sosa to a great extent, and this is predominantly why he ended up winning this contest.

Damian Sosa – A special prospect in the super-welterweight roster

With a win over Mina, ‘Samurai’ improved his pro-boxing track record to 18 wins. He wished to keep an active fight streak, and this was his second fight of 2021.

Also, with the performance he’s put, Sosa has unquestionably grabbed everyone’s attention. The WBO NABO champion is undoubtedly a special talent in the 140-pound division, and it’ll be intriguing to see how he elevates his career from hereon.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Damian Sosa’s performance against Abel Mina?

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