Bianca Belair Finishes Bayley With a KOD on The Ladder to Retain Her Title at Hell in a Cell

WWE opened up Hell in a Cell 2021 with the much-awaited Women’s title match between Bianca Belair and Bayley. This was the first Cell match of the night. The PPV is also the last one in the ThunderDome as WWE returns to live touring next month.

The former ‘Role Model‘ is after Bianca following the latter’s historic win at WrestleMania. She failed to win at WrestleMania Backlash, but the taunts never stopped.

To put an end to the dispute, ‘The EST of WWE‘ challenged Bayley to a Hell in a Cell match. This would be Bianca’s first match inside the infamous steel structure.

Bianca started the match off with a powerslam and a clothesline, but Bayley wasted no time in bringing in some steel chairs into the equation. The EST hit her with back-to-back pin attempts and hair whips.

Bayley would eventually find an opening after she slammed EST’s face into the LED ring posts and turnbuckle, injuring her arm in the process. The longest-reigning women’s champion brought in steel steps to torture Bianca.

She tied Bianca’s braid to the ropes to gain some leverage, but she made Bayley trip over her hair. As Bayley retreated, Belair threw the steel steps to Bayley.

However, in an unbelievable feat, Bayley bit Bianca to put her down, shocking everyone. She then attacked her with double Kendo sticks. She made a trap with Kendo sticks but got thrown into her own trap instead.

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The hair played an intricate part as Bianca Belair defeated Bayley

Bianca brought Bayley back into the ring and started attacking a steel chair. But Bayley fought back and tied Bayley’s hair into the steel chair as she tortured her.

But The EST was not the one to back down so easily. Not only did she recover, but Bianca also tied Bayley’s hand to her braid and started torturing her. Bayley pleaded with the referee to let her go, but that was in vain.

The former champion brought a ladder into the ring. She targeted her shoulder, while Belair targeted Bayley’s aching knees. Bianca went for back-to-back assault with a glam slam.

Bianca put Bayley on top of the ladder and went for a splash, but Bayley moved away. However, Bianca cleverly turned that missed opportunity for profit as she hit a senton on Bayley as she was lying on the ladder.

In the end, Bianca finished it off with the KOD. Belair emerged victorious from the first Hell in a Cell match of her career. Let us know your thoughts on the match in the comments below.

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