Cringeworthy political sex scandals from an office party affair to the MP accused of making love ‘like a wardrobe’

VOTERS across the country choked on their cornflakes this morning when they saw snaps of Matt Hancock’s extra-marital kiss.

The Health Secretary, 42, was caught smooching his millionaire aide – but his explosive affair is just one of many even more shocking political sex scandals.

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Matt Hancock has been caught having a secret affair with his top aide[/caption]

The Sun exclusively published pictures of Hancock embracing Gina Coladangelo, 43, who he hired last year with taxpayers’ money.

In a brief statement, the married dad-of-three apologised for having “broken social distancing guidance” while responsible for the country’s response to the pandemic. “

“I have let people down and am very sorry,” he added.

“I remain focused on working to get the country out of this pandemic, and would be grateful for privacy for my family on this personal matter.”


Hancock apologised for breaking social distancing rules with Gina Coladangelo[/caption]

Critics have made renewed calls for Boris Johnson to sack Hancock in the wake of the scandal.

But the Prime Minister is also no stranger to salacious stories about his private life coming out while in public office.

Here are some the bombshell sex scandals that’ve rocked Westminster – from secret flings to sordid sexts.

PM’s ‘most shameful’ event

John Major spoke of taking politics “back to basics” with traditional values in the 1990s – but revelations of sex and sleaze kept oozing out of his party.

Arguably the most infamous came in 1994 when Stephen Milligan MP was found dead in his London home.

PA:Press Association

Stephen Milligan’s bizarre 1994 death was ruled to have been caused by ‘autoerotic asphyxiation’[/caption]

Milligan’s body was naked apart from a pair of tights and a bin-liner over his head with an orange segment in his mouth – the death was found to be a sex accident gone wrong.

But perhaps the biggest sex scandal involving Major was the one that he was personally responsible for.

In 2002, Edwina Currie published diaries detailing an affair she’d had with Major between 1984 and 1988 while they were both married to other people.

The fling began while Currie was a backbencher and Major was a whip in Thatcher’s government.

PA:Press Association

John Major with Edwina Currie in 1994 – six years after their affair ended, but eight years before it came out[/caption]

It ended when Major was promoted Chief Secretary of the Treasury and avoiding his bodyguards’ attention became difficult.

“It just wasn’t worth it and it was getting much harder to find dates when we were free and could get together and so on,” Currie told the BBC.

“It just seemed to me unwise to continue. I wrote and I said so.

“We didn’t stop because we didn’t stop caring about each other or enjoying each other’s company. We stopped because I thought it was time to stop – I didn’t want to.”


John Major and his wife, Norma, stayed together after the affair and remain together today[/caption]

While Currie says she loved Major and didn’t regret the affair, the ex-PM looked back on the fling differently when it came to light.

“It is the one event in my life of which I am most ashamed and I have long feared would be made public,” he said.

‘Sex on family sofa’

John Major isn’t the only Prime Minister to be embroiled in an embarrassing sex story.

Boris Johnson has also been at the heart of a string of affair allegations – including while in public office.

Earlier this year, American pole-dancing businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri admitted she’d had a four-year affair with Johnson while he was the Mayor of London.


Jennifer Arcuri, 36, has made explosive allegations about an alleged affair with Boris Johnson[/caption]

Arcuri, who is 21 years his junior, says she nicknamed him “Alexander the Great” and that he “couldn’t keep his hands off” her during their first tryst.

At the time, Johnson was married to his now ex-wife Marina Wheeler, the mother of their four children.

In explosive comments made to The Mirror, Arcuri claimed they had sex on the sofa in his family home, and were just minutes away from being caught.

“After we made love… I felt conflicted being there in his family home and seeing him like this but I couldn’t help but love the feeling of being desired,” Arcuri said.

“If I’d have stayed 10 minutes more I would’ve been in the house when Marina got back. That’s not a great feeling.”

The nature of Johnson and Arcuri’s relationship while he was London Mayor came under scrutiny

Arcuri also reportedly asked him to empty his kitchen bins after she disposed of some stockings in them.

And she says she sent him topless pics, claiming that he said one was “enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window”.

No 10 declined to comment on the allegations.

Bonks ‘like a wardrobe’

Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Winston Churchill, was once described by a former MP as the worst sexists in Parliament.

But several women in the House of Commons would get their own back on his alleged behaviour by making reference to a savage comment made about his sexual prowess.


Nicholas Soames was described as being like ‘a wardrobe with a small key’ in bed[/caption]

They would reportedly say “click” and make a gesture of turning a key in a lock whenever Soames made a rude or vulgar comment.

“We devised the little ‘click’ gesture because his ex-wife had this story that being made love to by Nicholas Soames was like having a very large wardrobe with a very small key falling on top of you,” ex-Labour MP Barbara Follett told The Mirror.

“So we’d go ‘click’ and it stopped.”

Soames dismissed claims about sexist behaviour as “nonsense”.

‘Two s**gs’ Prezza

It’s been 20 years since John Prescott decked a voter who egged him at an election rally in Wales.

But he was arguably left with even more egg on his face when, in 2006, he admitted having a two-year affair with his diary secretary.

PA:Press Association

John Prescott with Tracey Temple in 2001 – they began a scandalous affair the following year[/caption]

While serving as Tony Blair’s Deputy PM, Prescott had a fling with Tracey Temple which began after an office party in 2002.

Temple claimed they would have sex in his Whitehall office, at a hotel while his wife was downstairs, and at his grace and favour flat in Admiralty Arch paid for by the taxpayer.

Prescott, who was nicknamed “two s**gs” in the wake of the scandal, admitted the affair had taken place but denied some parts of Temple’s story.

PA:Press Association

Prescott stayed with his wife Pauline after the affair came to light in 2006[/caption]

The jokey name was a pun on his earlier moniker “two Jags”, given to him after he was believed to be using two separate Jaguar cars at one point.

His wife, Pauline, stood by him after the affair and the couple have now been married for 50 years.

‘Sex in a Chelsea strip’

The story that led to David Mellor’s downfall was one of the most shocking sex scandals – amid a strongly contested field of outrage – during in the 1990s.

Tory Mellor was the Secretary of State for National Heritage when, in 1992, lurid details about an affair with actor Antonia de Sancha were published.

They included that he liked to make love while wearing a Chelsea strip – although de Sancha later admitted that the claim, along with others about toe-sucking and spanking, wasn’t true.

Times Newspapers Ltd

David Mellor’s affair was a huge sensation when it came out in the early 1990s[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Antonia de Sancha revealed some of the details of the affair weren’t true a decade after telling her story[/caption]

But a real sexual affair had taken place, with de Sancha’s landlord bugging his own phone lines and then selling the tapes to newspapers as proof.

At the time, Mellor repeatedly professed his commitment to his wife and he was able to cling on to his job for a few more months.

But he was soon after involved in a separate scandal when it emerged he’d accepted a free holiday from the glamorous socialite daughter of the finance director of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO).

Mellor resigned in September 1992.

Even when the footie top detail was recanted by de Sancha a decade later, Mellor has complained about his continued association with the falsehood.

“All you will remember about me when I go to my grave is some bloody Chelsea shirt,” he said.