Primark fans praise £2.50 eye mask which they say instantly eases their hayfever symptoms

AS summer gets into full swing hay fever can drive you mad, but Primark fans are swearing by this eye mask to get their symptoms at bay.

Pollen flying around the air can cause inflammation and irritation which will make you want to itch all around and suffer from watery eyes.


Primark fans are using an eye mask to keep hayfever symptoms at bay[/caption]

Ellie Gorley claims that by freezing the £2.50 mask and resting it on her itchy eyes, it relieves any itchiness from them.

She captioned her TikTok: “That time of year #hayfeverproblems #hayfevercheck #hayfeverhacks.”

By using a cooling eye mask, it acts as a cool compress to the eye and forehead area – it constricts blood vessels and helps reduce neurotransmission of pain to the brain.

Cold temperature is known to subside inflammation and soothe allergic reactions.


The cooling product costs just £2.50[/caption]

Using a cooling compress also provides a numbing sensation, so it will temporarily be free of itchiness, stinging eyes and intense headaches that come along with hayfever.

Providing a cooling sensation will help alleviate that hayfever irritation.

Ellie said: “Everyone with hayfever needs one of these, you put it in the freezer, so good.”

Her video has been viewed over a whopping 618,600 times and racked up over 51,000 likes.


All you need to do is put it in the freezer[/caption]

People flooded into the comments to praise Ellie for her genius find.

One follower wrote: “I ned one so it don’t look like I’m crying all the time.”

Another said: “Something we didn’t know we needed.”

A third commented: “I have for my migraines, I love it.”

One user added: “I now need to invest in one thanks.”

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