Unbelievable Fortnite Clickbaits That Actually Came True

Everyone is aware of how much big viewership numbers matter today, and sometimes, to get these numbers, people resort to unethical means such as using clickbait. Even though no popular site has a strict policy against them, clickbaits are still frowned upon. Luckily, when it comes to Fortnite, a lot of clickbaits turned out to be predictions as the contents of the clickbaits came true.

Let’s look at four of the biggest clickbaits that inadvertently ended up predicting the future.

Best Fortnite clickbaits that turned into predictions

As Fortnite has one of the strongest and most dedicated player bases in the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that even when the game was in its early years, players were still speculating on what the future might bring to the game. Content creators would capitalize on these speculations and use them as clickbaits to get more views. Little did they know their clickbait content would actually come to the game in the future.


A pop-culture behemoth from the very successful Marvel movies, Thanos received his fair share of attention on YouTube. And this was before Thanos was released as a skin. Some people even pretended Thanos was in their locker. Now, with the Thanos Cup underway, that’s a real possibility.

Tilted Tower gets destroyed

In the first half of 2018, clickbaits concerning the destruction of Tilted Tower plagued YouTube. This was during the Rocket Launch event, and players thought the event would see Titled Tower get destroyed. That didn’t happen right away, but did happen much later in the season, courtesy of the volcano erupting.

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Before Dinosaurs made their way into the game, they’d made their way into thumbnails of numerous videos on YouTube. People claimed you could ride them. Even though that didn’t happen, Raptors were added to the game in 2021 and players could even hunt them.

The Jetpack

As rumors made their way to the internet concerning a Jetpack. Content creators took to YouTube and made predictions while their thumbnails displayed a Jetpack that the game didn’t have yet. Good thing is, the rumors and predictions came true and the game got a Jetpack.

Clickbaits are super common even today, but if these clickbaits are making predictions for the future, then Fortnite will surely get some really cool items soon.

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