xQc Isn’t Pulling Any Punches in His Latest Reaction Video to Microsoft’s Windows 11 Reveal

Following the highly anticipated reveal for Microsoft’s Windows 11, came the highly anticipated reaction video from the one and only xQc. Despite the fact that he does say some nice things in the reaction video, there’s also a lot of remarks regarding the latest offering by Microsoft that are difficult to perceive as entirely positive.

xQc’s has a lot to say about the new Windows 11

Windows 11 brings a lot of changes and upgrades, but xQc doesn’t like everything the new Windows offers. For starters, the repositioning of the start menu, and how it opens in the center. In the video, he sees it and immediately disapproves of the feature, sayingwho asked for this?

To Microsoft’s relief, xQc, upon seeing another new feature called Snap Layouts that increases productivity, didn’t have any reproachful thing to say. Next up were tablet-based improvements. He explains to chat how he has a Surface tablet and how it’s not all that good. Only he doesn’t put it as mildly. xQc doesn’t seem like tablets and touch-based features they come with. He expresses his discontent about fingers being unable to replicate what a mouse does.

xQc is very cynical about Microsoft’s video game-related enhancements

Then comes the part of Microsoft’s reveal that is dedicated to gaming. He doesn’t even let the bit begin before going on a rant. He feels that Microsoft should keep their hands away from our games and has this to say.

Anything that Windows does to your video games..to your gaming experience, you have to purposely go in settings and turn it off.

As Microsoft reveals how auto HDR will make games look better and that Game Pass is coming to Windows, xQc can be seen chuckling away. It goes without saying he was unimpressed.

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Even though people worldwide seem to like what the new Microsoft Store looks like, xQc feels otherwise. He states that in his three years of streaming, he couldn’t buy a single game from the Microsoft Store.

Overall, it’s pretty clear he isn’t all too impressed with this new version of Windows 11, much to Microsoft’s dismay.

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