Shroud Planning to Bring Back Old Guys Club to Compete in NA Valorant VCT Open Qualifiers

For the past few years, fans have seen Shroud shred his opponents on his livestreams. The former CS:GO pro is one of the most dominant players on FPS shooters like Valorant. He has the skill and talent to be amongst the elite professionals from the game’s Esports scene even though he isn’t a part of it. But it seems like it’s all about to change soon.

The Canadian streamer recently confirmed that he might enter the competitive scene of the popular Riot Games title which has excited a lot of fans. But, along with that, he isn’t returning alone, and he might be bringing back some old friends for this ride.

Unfortunately with Org conflict of interest, seems doubtful dicey or Sean could compete in opens imo

— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) June 30, 2021

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Shroud might join the Valorant pro scene with Old Guys Club members

Recently a screenshot from pro Valorant player Dicey’s gameplay showcased some massive news about a new potential roster. The screenshot revealed a Whisper from Twitch streamer ShawnBM who asked him to team up for the upcoming NA Valorant VCT Open Qualifiers. Other than that, he also named ex CS:GO Cloud 9 players in Shroud, n0thing and Seangares to join the squad as well. All three players were part of the Old Guys Club, a team comprising retired CS:GO professionals.

Fans have lost their mind on the idea of Shroud’s potential return to the competitive scene. But it’s still unclear whether or not it will happen, as both Dicey and Seangares are part of professional Valorant organizations in 100 Thieves and GenG, respectively. It seems very unlikely that they will be part of the team as it might lead to conflict of interests with their organizations. But fans can always hope for the best.

The original CS:GO Old Guys Club

The Old Guys Club was a CS:GO team that included some of the most popular retired CS:GO professional players. The rosters had some of the biggest names from the scene, including former Cloud 9 members like Skadoodle, n0thing and many more. The Cloud 9 retirees even competed in a CS:GO qualifier for the American Minors of IEM Katowice 2019. But unfortunately for the fans watching them, the team had to forfeit their run because of Shroud’s prior obligation.

It was heartbreaking for fans to see their favorite retirees end their run in a forfeit. But for the first in two-and-a-half years, there is a possibility of these players, albeit in Valorant. It remains to be seen if Shroud can create a roster with some of the Old Guys Club members. But if he somehow pulls it off, then teams should definitely keep an eye out because it includes some of the best FPS talents in the world.

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