Do you look common on a date? Expert reveals the fashion mistakes you could be making – and fake tan’s a big no

WE ALL get in a pickle when it comes to picking an outfit for a date, but an etiquette expert has revealed what you definitely shouldn’t be wearing.

Etiquette expert and millionaire matchmaker Anna Bey has revealed the ten fashion mistakes that could be sabotaging your dating life.

annabey/InstagramEtiquette expert Anna Bey has revealed the clothing choices that could be sabotaging your dating life[/caption]

The Swedish-born coach – who founded the School of Affluence – shared the tips in a clip on her YouTube channel – and surprisingly she says you should be ditching designer labels.

Speaking in her latest video, Anna says: “There are things that you should not be wearing on a date with a man. Why?

“Because he will be turned off, he might be stereotyping you, he might get the wrong impression of you and then nothing ever happens beyond that date.”

Here we reveal the ten things to be avoided on a date, according to Anna…

schoolofaffluence/InstagramAnna says you should avoid clothing with too much cleavage and be classic[/caption]

1. Avoid too much cleavage

Anna says: “When you’re showing everything on display, the man is going to be staring into your boobs all night.

“As this is the only thing he sees throughout the date, he’s just going to be thinking ‘sex, sex, sex’ on repeat and that is not the direction you want to go.

“There’s nothing wrong with a little sneak peek, but they shouldn’t be able to swim in your cleavage.”

2. Don’t dress too creatively

“Men are very simple creatures and less is more when you communicate with them.

“I don’t want you to wear your most complicated and supercool outfit on the first date. 

“I understand that you want to show a bit of personality but leave the runway clothes to your girlfriends, they’re the ones who will be impressed by these things.

“Men want to see simple, feminine and classic.”

HandoutA Michael Kors bag is a big no no according to Anna[/caption]

3. Avoid affordable branded bags

Anna suggests that wearing ‘affordable’ branded bags, such as Guess or Michael Kors, could be detrimental to dating an affluent man.

She says: “If the day comes when he’s going to buy you a gift he will have in his mind ‘oh she’s just this basic Michael Kors girl, I don’t need to take her to Chanel or Hermes, she probably doesn’t understand those things.’

“You do not want to label yourself as a Michael Kors girl. You want to come across as a woman who is high quality and who has expensive taste.

“Make sure you hide all those labels that you’re a little bit ashamed of because those labels don’t exist in high society.”

4. Don’t wear platform stilettos

“You are being vulgar if you wear a shoe like that.

“Wear heels that are a little bit sensual, a little bit teasing but nothing too provocative or makes it feel like you’re in a strip club.

“Try to keep your heels under 11cm for the evening, 8cm during the day.”

5. Ditch bodycon mini dresses

“This became the signature dress of the really desperate woman who is ready to beg for a man.

“Men will come to you when they see you don’t need to beg anyone to be with you, so don’t scream for attention.”

6. Don’t be too extravagant

“It can get to the point where you look overdressed, a bit like a diva and a bit like you’re trying too hard.

“You don’t want him to think you’re trying hard to impress him, and you also don’t want to come across that you’re very high maintenance.

“Always underdress just a little.”

Getty – ContributorHeavy eye makeup is likely to put men off[/caption]

7. Ban all masculine clothing

“It’s so important to avoid all masculine cuts and trends because that’s not going to impress the man or turn him on.

“These ‘man-repeller’ trends are to be avoided.”

8. Heavy makeup is a no no

“Trust me, a man is going to be scared when he sees you.

“The whole time he will be thinking, ‘I wonder how she looks without all of that?’

“It’s not going to make you look your best, it’s going to look a bit unhygienic and up close it’s never that nice.”

9. Men don’t like shoulder pads

“Shoulder pads make women more masculine and you shoot yourself in the foot if you wear them.

“Men are really not going to find them sexy so I would really stay away from them on a date.”

10. Don’t wear fake tan

“I don’t know any man who enjoys an orange woman.

“Pretty much all self-tans on the market do rub off, have you ever seen your sheets after?

“Trust me your skin colour is beautiful just the way it is.”

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