Carlos Sainz Voices His Displeasure With Poor F1 2021 Rating

Fans and drivers always look forward to the next Formula One game, it gives an idea of how much a driver has improved or deteriorated in form. Hence, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz isn’t happy with his ratings and hopes that the game’s developers, Codemasters, give him a new one.

The Spaniard was quite shocked to see such horrifying stats on the 2021 game. He was quick to type in the comments section of the Instagram post which revealed all the driver’s stats in the new installment of the game. It is safe the say 26-year- old was extremely discontented with his in-game performance.

Carlos Sainz tells F1 2021 to stop with the jokes and give his real score

F1 drivers take the scores in-game very seriously and most of the time aren’t happy with the sub-par ratings the developers give them. This time around it was Sainz who wanted a better stat and demanded to get a new one.

It was shocking to see Sainz get a 69 in experience, has he has been on the grid for quite some time. This might be one of the reasons that the 26-year-old wasn’t pleased with his score.

Sainz responds to the new F1 2021 ratings that were revealed today. from formula1

The Ferrari driver wrote, “Ok cool joke guys, now reveal the ones please.”

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Leclerc’s stats compared to Sainz

Often teammates compare themselves with their ratings in the game. But this time, it was Monaco’s Leclerc who had the edge over his Spanish teammate in the Formula One game.

Leclerc got an overall 88 ratings, while Sainz was just defeated by one point, as he had to settle for 87. However, seeing Charles’s experience at 62 whereas his was at 69. It must have healed some wounds for the former McLaren driver.

However, their main focus is on the real-life F1, and must be prepared for the upcoming British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The two are looking to put on a stellar performance and bring home crucial points for the constructor’s championship.

Do you see Leclerc and Sainz having a successful weekend at the Silverstone circuit? Let us know your predictions in the comments section down below.

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