Tiffany Haddish had her first orgasm watching Nicolas Cage in Face/Off, so obviously she told him about it

Tiffany simply had to tell Nicolas the tale (Picture: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Tiffany Haddish had her first orgasm while watching a Nicolas Cage movie – so obviously, she felt obliged to tell the movie star about it.

The 41-year-old stars opposite Nicolas, 57, in Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and after coming face to face (not like that) with the actor for the first time, Tiffany felt compelled to tell him a story from her youth before they worked together.

Promoting the new series of Tuca & Bertie, Tiffany told NPR that she convinced Nicolas to let her tell him a story, because she gets uncomfortable around people she doesn’t know and telling stories is a way to defuse the situation.

The Girls Trip star said: ‘So basically, I was at the movie theatre seeing Face/Off, I was about 17 years old, on a date with this guy, and nobody else was in the theatre really. It was just us in the back of the theatre.

‘And we started to make out and stuff, and was my first time being fiddled with, I will say it like that. And as I was achieving a momentous moment that I never experienced in my life, I opened my eyes and the eyes of Nicolas Cage are looking into my eyes.

‘That was my first Big O.’

Upon seeing ‘those same big old eyeballs’ on set, Tiffany had to tell Nicolas the story, and luckily, he didn’t find it too inappropriate.

Nicolas laughed ‘super hard’ (Picture: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Tiffany said: ‘He laughed super hard and he goes, “You know, my first wife, she saw me in a movie and she said she was gonna marry me and we ended up getting married.”’

The Con Air star’s first wife was actress Patricia Arquette, who he was married to from 1995 until their divorce was finalised in 2001.

Tiffany added that she told her co-star: ‘I didn’t say we were gonna get married or that you can put your fingers anywhere on me, OK? I’m just letting you know that that’s a memory that’s on my mind and keeping me from doing my job, but now that I told you, I think this is gonna be just fine.’

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Filming went ahead last October, so we reckon everything went alright.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent sees Nicolas play a fictionalised, broke version of himself, who accepts a million dollar fee to attend the birthday party of a Mexican billionaire superfan.

Unfortunately, it turns out the fan is a drug lord, and Nicolas must play some of his most iconic characters to save his wife and daughter.

Tiffany plays a rogue government agent called Vivian, who convinces Nicolas to go undercover to bring down the criminal organisation.

Pedro Pascal, Sharon Horgan and Neil Patrick Harris are also in the cast, with the action comedy, which is slated for release in April 2022.

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