Was The Miz – Otis Storyline One of the Most Disastrous Bookings by WWE in Recent Times?

The Money in the Bank is one of the most high profile PPV of WWE. The fans also love it because the winner gets immense power in their hands.

But sometimes, WWE officials book the wrong wrestler to win it. The most recent was Otis becoming Mr. Money in the Bank 2020 and WWE changing it to The Miz.

Otis won the Money in the Bank ladder match in 2020 and controversy and discussion from fans surrounded that big win. The first thing that fans mentioned was how Otis never climbed up the ladder and unhooked the briefcase.
The rules of the Money in the Bank match states that the winner must climb up and unhook the briefcase. Otis never did that. The briefcase stumbled on top of the ladder and it just happened to fall into Otis’s hands, who was standing in the ring.
So that right there seemed to go against the long-term rules of the match. But Otis was declared the winner. Everything seemed to be going well for Otis.
He had Mandy Rose, and now he was Mr. Money in the Bank. WWE did tease a potential cash-in shortly after he won the case. Otis also teamed up with the then Universal champion, Braun Strowman.
There were a few instances where it seemed like Otis was at least entertaining the thought of cashing in on Strowman, but nothing happened.
The fans gave a negative reaction to the win and thus, WWE had to do something about it. And so The Miz and Morrison suing Otis storyline was born.

Should The Miz have won the briefcase?

If the fans didn’t like Otis winning the briefcase, they surely didn’t want The Miz winning it either. The out-pour of negative criticism flooded the internet.

Otis is the worst Money In the Bank holder in WWE history. Miz spoke some facts

— 𝑆𝑦𝑑𝑛𝑒𝑦𝑀𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒♡︎ (@SydneyMarie_16) October 20, 2020

Between Otis & The Miz, this years Money in the Bank has been a disaster with no planning at all. #WWERaw

— AB Normal (@kat_woman13) December 8, 2020

WWE does have a habit of doing things the hard way. Also, The Miz winning the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre (the hottest wrestler at that moment) made things even worse.

The fans had no interest in seeing The Miz win the title, especially from their favorite wrestler. Thus, it is safe to say that The Miz and Otis storyline was unwanted.

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