I resent my mum for giving me £73k for my birthday – it’s incredibly embarrassing, I’ve never had to work for anything

A BLOKE has shared his resentment for his mum, who once gave him just over £73,000 for his birthday, after coming to the realisation that he is extremely spoilt.

Qiaochu Yuan found himself going viral online after he shared a 35-part rant to Twitter claiming his parents took care of him “materially” instead of “emotionally”.

twitter.com/QiaochuYuan – soundcloud.com/qiaochu-yuanA bloke has shared his resentment for his mum after she gave him £73,000 as a birthday present[/caption]

twitter.com/QiaochuYuan – soundcloud.com/qiaochu-yuanQiaochu Yuan shared a 35-part rant on Twitter as he came to the realisation he is “very spoiled”[/caption]

Yuan revealed on social media that he is currently living in an Airbnb and took “a medium dose of acid” that prompted him to “admit some things to myself” as he came to realise the issue he has with having plenty of money to his name.

Writing for 12-hours, Yuan explained that he came to realise the resentment he had for his mum that he claims he has “suppressed” over the years.

He wrote: “Let’s start here: last August [mum] gave me $100,000 for my birthday, I resented her for this and also suppressed the resentment.”

Yuan – whose Twitter handle reads Magnificent Adult Baby – added: “I had friends in college who would complain about money problems and I didn’t know what they meant and was too embarrassed to ask.”

In his epic rant, he comes to the realisation that because of his parents tendency to load him with cash, he ended up “very spoiled” and it “wasn’t good for him” as it meant he hadn’t built any financial security for himself.

Recalling a conversation he says he had between his sober self and the version of himself “on acid”, Yuan explained: “AcidQC told me a bunch of things I needed to hear but didn’t particularly want to.

“He told me ‘you’ve been feeling social pressure to pretend like you have a financial health that is entirely about your savings and your income and it’s just not true at all.’

“‘The truth is that if you ran out of money your parents would send you more because they love you.

I’m literally being protected by my parent’s love in the form of money… how incredibly embarrassing

Qiaochu Yuan

“‘The truth is that your finances aren’t separate from your parents’ finances and they never have been. You resent your mum for sending you $100,000 because she forcefully reminded you of this fact.’”

Yuan went on to say that he feels “guilty” because he hasn’t had to “make a living” for himself as he hasn’t needed to work. As a result, he at times felt like he hadn’t “earned” his place in society.

He revealed he hasn’t had a job in three years, but he’s still financially secure thanks to his parents – who also splashed out $175k (£128k) on his education and living expenses at college – continuously sending him money.

Admitting he now feels embarrassed at how much his parents have spent on him over the years, Yuan said: “I was like, ‘oh my God, I’m literally Harry f*****g Potter’.

“I’m literally being protected by my parent’s love in the form of money and I always have been, how incredibly embarrassing.”

twitter.com/QiaochuYuan – soundcloud.com/qiaochu-yuanYuan said he has no financial security of his own and is “embarrassed” to ask friends about their money problems[/caption]

twitter.com/QiaochuYuan – soundcloud.com/qiaochu-yuanHe claims his parents took care of him “materially” with money rather than “emotionally”[/caption]

twitter.com/QiaochuYuan – soundcloud.com/qiaochu-yuanYuan found himself going viral on Twitter as he reflected on how much money he has been given over the years[/caption]

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