Deyna Castellanos Hopes To Be a Part of the Olympics Someday

Venezuela Women’s National Football team is yet to make an appearance in the Olympic stages. In women’s football, the Olympics is considered as the grandest stage of them all along with the world cups. But they have a star player in Deyna Castellanos who is very well capable of guiding the country to the Olympics in the near future.

Castellanos plays for Atletico Madrid at the club level. She has already made 10 appearances for the Venezuelan national team in her career. The youngster has scored 6 goals for her nation as well. However, she has made qualifying for the Olympics with her country as a primary goal of her in the coming years.

The Olympics, aside from the World Cup is the biggest stage for sure. Every footballer wants to be part of the Olympics. And for me, if one day we make it there like I’ll be one of the happiest persons in the world,” said Castellano.

There is so much that we need to do to achieve equality, to have the Women’s Soccer has equal to be the men’s Soccer. They don’t want the generations that are behind mine to have so many things that can you stop them and just trying to make path a little bit easier,” she added further.

Castellanos is also keen to bring gender equality to the sport. She believes women’s football is most of the time under the radar of men’s football. That is not much acceptable according to her. She is determined to elevate women’s football to a much more respectable level to than it is today.

Can Deyna Castellanos become a superstar in the years to come?

The Venezuelan star has already been nominated in 2017 for the elusive FIFA Women’s Footballer of the Year award. She made the three-man shortlist. However, her inclusion had drawn some criticism as well. Superstar, Megan Rapinoe voiced her displeasure too as she believed Castellanos was a very unknown player and didn’t have enough experience at the international stage to be considered for the award.

Nevertheless, she is a quality player for sure. Bigger things can be expected from her in the coming years. Whether she can qualify for the Olympics with her country, remains to be seen. But she will have to watch the Tokyo 2020 event from the sidelines.


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