Did Alton Brown leave Food Network?

FANS of Alton Brown are likely already aware that Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen was canceled in 2018.

But what of Brown himself? Has the cooking game show host gone on to do other work for the Food Network since that particular series ended?

AlamyAlton Brown has done a few different projects with the Food Network over the years[/caption]

Did Alton Brown leave Food Network?

When Cutthroat Kitchen was canceled, Brown announced the news on Twitter by sharing with followers, “Cutthroat Kitchen got cancelled. Sorry. #ProbablyMyFault,” Wide Open Eats reported.

And in 2016, during a Facebook Live video, he stated, according to Mashed, “I’ve had enough, guys. I need to get back to what I do.”

Brown also created the TV show Good Eats that ran for 14 seasons, which also aired on the same network. But that show ended too, and it sounds like it’s because he was just not interested in doing it anymore.

“Quite frankly, as a filmmaker, I was getting bored. So I wanted to wait for technological changes,” he told Fast Company

“I wanted to see how the food landscape changed. I wanted to see how the media landscape changed.” 

AlamyAfter the cancelation of Cutthroat Kitchen and Good Eats: The Return, it seems Brown may be off of the Food Network[/caption]

Is Good Eats still on?

Brown relaunched his show Good Eats in two versions: as Good Eats Reloaded on Cooking Channel and on Food Network as Good Eats: The Return in August 2019.

But on July 13, Brown announced that Good Eats: The Return would not be returning for a third season, so it seems like his relationship with Food Network may be over…for now.

What is Alton Brown doing now?

These days, Brown seems to be planning live tours and other ventures instead.

In July 2020, his website noted in a News post, “We have been left with the difficult decision to postpone our planned 2020-2021 live tour,” but added, “Never fear! COVID-willing, AB will be back on the road in late 2021.”

He also worked on two online cooking series for YouTube during the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pantry Raid included once-weekly shorts about making food while staying safe at home, and Quarantine Quitchen became a weekly series about Alton and his wife Elizabeth making dinner at their apartment in Georgia.

It’s probably safe to say Brown will keep creating content around cooking, whether or not it involves the Food Network.