Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Could Possibly Become All Elite

Daniel Bryan is a name that hasn’t been heard around WWE for a while. The question is: Where is he? Is he coming back to WWE? Is he moving to another promotion?

The answer is: There is no confirmation from anybody about what he’s doing next.

However, reports have stated that when WWE made the list of Superstars for the licensing of merchandise and action figures, Daniel Bryan did not make the list.

It could be that Bryan has left WWE for good and will now make his way to another promotion. It could be AEW, but again, nobody has leaked any information or spoken one word about it.

Therefore, the only thing fans can do right now is wait and watch. Eventually Bryan will make a move, and when he does, every question should be answered.

Roman Reigns demolished Daniel Bryan in his last WWE appearance

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns had been in a feud since WrestleMania 37. Initially, it was supposed to be a title match between Reigns and Edge, however, WWE booked a triple threat match between Reigns, Edge, and Bryan.

It so happened that Daniel Bryan continued to challenge Reigns, and Edge attacked both of them with a steel chair. This was Edge’s heel turn and marked the last feud for Bryan at WWE.

Following WrestleMania 37, Edge took a break and the feud between Bryan and Reigns continued. This time, WWE put Cesaro in the mix.

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Bryan and Reigns had a couple of matches where The Tribal Chief continued to destroy him. Finally, the champion got tired of Bryan and accepted the last challenge with a stipulation. He said if Bryan loses, he should never show his face on WWE SmackDown again.

Unfortunately for Bryan, he lost and had to move away from SmackDown. Since then, he hasn’t appeared anywhere.

There were speculations and rumours that the reason WWE added this stipulation is that Daniel Bryan was being released from his contract. However, his name was not mentioned in the list of WWE releases over the past months.

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Do you think it’s possible Daniel Bryan is headed to another promotion soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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