Genshin Impact Update 2.0: How to Build Ayaka Into a Monstrous Cryo Damager Dealer

miHoYo has finally rolled out the highly expected region of Inazuma with the latest update 2.0. Gamers will finally get the chance to explore the third island nation of Genshin Impact in Inazuma. This update has also brought forward the community’s favorite character Kamisato Ayaka, as she steps into the rate-up banner. There are only a few characters that the community desperately wanted to have and Ayaka serves as one of those prominent names.

Her innocent appearance may deceive you, as she can actually dish out insane damage. She possesses monstrous damage amplification, which can enable her to decimate hordes of enemies with rather ease.

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Ayaka lives up to her hype in Genshin Impact

miHoYo has lived up to its promise and has rolled out another insane DPS unit. Princess Ayaka is the leader of the prestigious Kamisato clan located on the Inazuma islands. The studio has rolled out her best in slot weapon in mist splitter sword in the weapon banner. Her entire kit revolves around attack stats, which should be upgraded to the maximum possible limits. She scales of crit damage with each ascension, which will definitely make her easy to build.

You can either go for a 4-piece Blizzard-Strayer or grant her a 2-piece of Blizzard and 2-piece gladiator. Any source of additional damage stat is useful and players can grant her a crit rate headpiece with crit damage sub stat. Prioritizes crit rate and attack damage as sub stats for flower and feather. Being a cryo sword user, Ayaka needs a Cryo cup with sub-stats that can boost crit rate and attack percentage.

She requires a ton of energy particles to unleash her devastating ultimate, which costs 80 energy particles. It makes her an energy-hungry unit, as she would need a cryo battery character like Qiqi, Rosaria, Chongyun, and more.

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Weapons and team composition

There are only a limited few choices for DPS sword users in Genshin Impact. If you happen to get your hands on mist splitter, then grant her the weapon immediately, otherwise, you can go for Jade cutter or Skyward blade. If you don’t have any of these 5-star weapons then you look for a 4-star Black cliff sword.

In the case of team composition, Melt and frozen are the best elements that Cryo characters can use. Characters like Xinqiu, Qiqi, Xiangling, Zhongli can be a great match for Ayaka.

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