Karrion Kross Attacks William Regal, Sends Strong Message to Samoa Joe on WWE NXT

Samoa Joe believes Karrion Kross is out of control, and somebody needs to knock some sense into. Since William Regal can’t do that, Joe is taking matters into his own hand.

On WWE NXT: July 20th, 2021, Samoa Joe and William Regal cut an in-ring segment where Joe explained to Regal that Kross needs to be brought under control. He called out Kross, but he hadn’t yet arrived. Therefore, Samoa Joe went around the building and paced back and forth until Kross arrived.

Tick Tock, @WWEKarrionKross. @SamoaJoe is waiting. #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/fD2uBELjfv

— WWE (@WWE) July 21, 2021

Regal advised The Samoan to settle matters peacefully. Unfortunately, that was the last idea Joe wanted to execute. However, The Samoan agreed to hold back for a while out of respect for the General Manager. Nevertheless, Joe was determined to end Kross’ rogue behaviour on NXT itself.

“You can consider me PROVOKED… @WWEKarrionKross needs to be CONTROLLED. You can’t control him, and you know it. I am here to put him under CONTROL.” – @SamoaJoe to @RealKingRegal #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/LHQPRCgGCy

— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 21, 2021

Finally, Joe got the chance to call out Kross to the arena and demanded he face him inside the ring. This is when instead of coming out to the arena, Karrion Kross appeared on the titantron. He delivered the message that he would do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

“See @SamoaJoe, this means I can 𝙜𝙤 wherever I want, I can 𝒅𝒐 whatever I want and I can 𝒉𝒖𝒓𝒕 whoever I want.” – #NXTChampion @WWEKarrionKross #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/E4HmlPVkBL

— WWE (@WWE) July 21, 2021

As he walked away and the cameras zoomed out, an attacked William Regal lay on the cold, hard floor.

Holy shit Kross has taken out Regal.

This just got real, Samoa Joe is gonna kill this mfer. #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/JsTBgpHNBH

— Fiending For Followers (@Fiend4FolIows) July 21, 2021

Karrion Kross will need to drop his NXT title

On Monday Night Raw: July 19th, 2021, Kross made his WWE Raw debut. However, he still has the NXT Championship title to his name.

WWE needs to build a feud for Karrion Kross in a way where he can end his NXT flawlessly. So far, it seems the match where he will drop the belt will be Kross vs Joe. Nevertheless, WWE could pitch someone else against Kross too.

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In the previous week, Kross had choked out Samoa Joe. At that point, William Regal had promised to take actions against the NXT Champion. Regrettably, Kross took down Regal before he could issue an action against the NXT Champion.

It’ll be interesting to watch how WWE builds a match for Karrion Kross vs Samoa Joe without making it absolutely obvious that Kross needs to drop the title, even though it’s a given.

Keeping Joe aside; there are others on the roster against whom Kross can drop the title, but currently with the way Joe is calling out the champion, it’s possible WWE is planning to make Samoa Joe the next NXT Champion.

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