KSI Finally Responds to Jake Paul’s Accusations: “All He Has Is the Boxing”

A potential matchup between KSI and Jake Paul will let ‘The Problem Child’ have a chance to avenge his brother’s loss against the Brit YouTuber. That said, Paul called out for the fight several times, before stepping up for even more serious bouts in recent times.

As ‘The Problem Child’ didn’t get a response from KSI, Paul accused him of avoiding the fight. However, KSI has finally responded to that accusation and hasn’t minced his words while touting himself as superior to Jake Paul.

Speaking with his ex-rival Logan Paul on the Impaulsive podcast, KSI said, “Oh, you ducking me, this this, that that. But I am like bro, I have got so much going on. All he [Jake Paul] has is the boxing. I am doing that on top of all the other things.”

Following a win over Logan Paul in 2019, the Brit opted to focus on his social media and entertainment career. Meanwhile, as Box Rec shows that he has an inactive career, there are very limited chances of KSI re-entering the ring.

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That said, Jake Paul, who has two more wins than KSI, will take on the former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, on August 29. Hence, he has rightly surpassed the Brit as a boxer. However, given the massive intensity of Logan Paul vs KSI, a Jake Paul vs KSI bout could also be huge.

KSI vs Jake Paul- Another sensational thriller

As of now, both the Paul brothers have turned themselves into prizefighters. Logan Paul is still fresh from his performance against Floyd Mayweather, which earned him appraisals from all over the world. Meanwhile. Jake Paul is going against former UFC fighters back-to-back inside the boxing ring.

While Logan Paul has had the experience twice, Jake Paul vs KSI will be a blockbuster event for the social media community. However, Paul has claimed that he is looking for serious fights to advance himself as a pro boxer. Hence, he might not want to test his skills against KSI any longer. But the possibility of a sensational thriller and lucrative showdown remains the same.

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