PlayStation Shares the First Look of the Stunning IKI Islands of Ghost of Tsushima

Earlier in the month, PlayStation announced a brand new DLC pack for Ghost of Tsushima. The studio shed light on the thrilling first year the title had, and everything fans can expect from the studio. Sucker Punch studio’s executive thanked the community for supporting the title, which has helped it become one of the prominent PS exclusives. Moreover, the studio also unfurled a trailer of DLC expansion IKI islands and the Director’s cut.

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video source: PlayStationYT

PlayStation revealed more information about the upcoming expansion

In a recent blog post, Sucker Punch’s executive shed light on the upcoming DLC expansion. The upcoming month will serve as the title’s first anniversary and to celebrate this special occasion, the studio has decided to roll out a new expansion. History buffs would know that the Mongol invasion of Japan also spread across the neighboring lonesome islands that include IKI.

The studio has now confirmed that this expansion is aimed for the August 20th release. Jin learns about the invasion of IKI island and decides to journey towards it, only to save it from the Mongol army. Sadly, IKI has already been taken over by the invaders, as a shaman “Ankhsar Khatun” aka ‘the eagle’ has been appointed as the overseer. She believes in capturing souls and not just in impaling bodies.

Jin is familiar with this island as he journeys back to face his fears once again. Gamers will get a chance to dive deeper into the backstory of Jin, and Clan Sakai on this lawless isle. Tsushima offered a calm environment but IKI is plunged into Chaos, as criminals, mad monks, and smugglers rule it. Jin cannot save these lands alone, and he would indeed meet a roster of new characters.

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Fight IKI can decide the fate of Japan, as the invading Mongol army tries to take over the island. In this expansion pack, players will learn new techniques, unravel new mysteries and get the chance to explore the vast isle. The studio promises to share a story about healing and dealing with emotional wounds that no techniques can fix, aside from actual spiritual healing.

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