Triple H Claims WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is the Biggest Star in Pro Wrestling Today

The ‘Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns has been the torchbearer of WWE for almost a year now. His new avatar has brought out a side of him that we never thought would see. After all, a cocky, self-obsessed megastar is not what most fans expected, but it is what they got anyway!

Reigns’ work as a heel during this one year has been exceptional. His promo game has improved drastically, and we can see how easy it is for him to contain the competition.

All in all, Reigns’ work has made him look indestructible and for the first time since his debut, fans are completely backing this new ‘Head of the Table’ gimmick.

Triple H has high praise for WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns

‘The Game’ recently joined Sports Illustrated for an interview following a super-successful Money in the Bank PPV. He touched upon several topics during the interview, including Roman Reigns’ improvement as a performer over the year.

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Triple H called Reigns the biggest star in all of sports entertainment/pro wrestling. He also praised Reigns for perfecting his craft (his heel turn) at a time when there were no live audience in attendance. In fact, Hunter also credits Reigns for John Cena getting the massive cheerful pop upon his return.

He said, “Roman is the biggest star in WWE, he’s the biggest star in the industry.” Hunter continued, “He perfected his craft at a really hard time to do so with no fans. He put so much into his character work, and his reaction to Cena was as powerful as the moment itself.”

The NXT Head Honcho added how Roman Reigns has been consistent for a very long time. However, he was specially impressed by Reigns’ current gimmick and performance. There is absolutely no one who can possibly match the heel dynamic of the current Universal Champion.

Triple H said, “Watching that, I couldn’t help but think back to how long he’s been doing this and some of the tougher times he’s been through. Right now, he’s performing on a whole other level. He’s at the point where he is no longer thinking about the character, he just is.”

There’s no doubt Roman Reigns is currently living the character of his life. His work has been exceptional so far, and looking at the way he’s going, he’s only going to get better and better with each passing day. Who knows? If this continues, Reigns could very well be the most despised villain in recent WWE history.

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