What Is the Latest Update on Max Verstappen’s Health After Silverstone Crash With Lewis Hamilton?

After a horrific 51G crash in Silverstone, Max Verstappen was taken to the hospital for further checks, which obviously left the fans worried about his health. Fortunately, both Red Bull and Max’s father, Jos Verstappen, understood this concern and kept on issuing updates on the driver’s health.

As of now, Max is back home in Monaco, recovering.

He, too, gave his fans an update on his fan through his website, saying, “a bit stiff, especially in his upper body, but otherwise unharmed.”

The championship leader is being closely monitored by his physiotherapist and is getting his rest. Luckily for Verstappen, the calendar doesn’t have back-to-back race weekends, in which case it would have been difficult for him to perform.

Another lucky strike for the driver is that the Hungarian GP is the last race before the sport goes on its summer break – giving him enough time to completely recover.

Good to be back home pic.twitter.com/Gy4zlnyBNF

— Max Verstappen (@Max33Verstappen) July 20, 2021

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko also gave us a little more insight into Verstappen’s situation. “He still has a strong stiff neck, but he’s surprisingly well.: (Translated via Google Translate)

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It’s safe to say that everyone watching the race let out a sigh of release when they saw Verstappen climb out of the car and limp away. His team radio with the sound of painful groans only reflects the agony he was in. It’s good to know the Red Bull driver will be back on track soon.

Max Verstappen and the RB16B

As Max Verstappen recovers, his car is under intensive care. While Honda hopes they can salvage the engine, Red Bull has to pay around 750,000 euros to repair the car. The amount is quite large, especially since the team has to consider the season’s budget constraints.

While Max is in Monaco, his power unit is in Japan, being examined by Honda.

Formula One F1 – British Grand Prix – Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain – July 17, 2021 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen during practice REUTERS/Peter Cziborra

The Milton-Keynes team will have to restore the entire chassis and hope the car is back in shape in another week and a half. Additionally, only three engines may be used in a season, and so, this could be another setback to the leading team.

Knowing the driver Max is, he will be hell-bent to increase the gap with Hamilton in the next race. As the two championship protagonists battle it out, it will be interesting to see how they handle themselves on the track again.

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