Daniel Ricciardo Suggests Exciting New F1 Format for Monaco

The British GP edition of McLaren’s popular YouTube series is out. ‘Mclaren: Unboxed’ gives the Papaya fans a glimpse behind the scenes of the action that takes place during the GP. After an eventful weekend at Silverstone, the team released its video summarizing the experience for us. P5 finisher Daniel Ricciardo had a change in mind for his favorite track.

Ricciardo was discussing how he craves to race on bigger tracks, eventually bringing up Monaco. “We should have a qualifying format in Monaco. Just a three-day qualifying. Best lap from the whole three days wins. It’s just like a shootout for three days,” Ricciardo concludes, proud of his idea.

Considering the fact there were so many mixed reactions toward the sprint format, Daniel should be advised to propose his ideas some other time.

Throughout the video, Daniel’s broad smile was back on display, as the Aussie finally made it into the top five in Silverstone. It was a good race for Ricciardo, but as always, he is hungry for more.

McLaren’s weekend in Great Britain

The home race edition was an extensive 30 minutes long, but it was as enjoyable as always. There was clearly a lot to cover. A decent sprint race followed the well-paced qualifying session. The sprint qualifying was testing for both the drivers, but they settled for a P6 and P7.

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The race itself was thrilling. Lando showed good pace, but there was a slight hiccup at the pit stop that may have cost him a podium position. Daniel Ricciardo, in his debut season with the team, finally showed improvement as he consistently stayed in the top half of the timesheets.

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— McLaren (@McLarenF1) July 21, 2021

Another reason the weekend was eventful was the unveiling of the new 2022 F1 car. Lando and Danny even take a minute to admire the new design.

However, the video is mostly highlighted by the excitement of the Papaya fans. Lando had mentioned during the post-race show that it impressed him to see the amount of orange on the grandstands.

In what seemed like an average weekend for the Brit, Hungary brings the challenge of improvement. Will we see him on the podium again? And with the Honey Badger, the progress we wished for is finally here. Will we see the old DR3 again? Only a little over a week to find out.

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