Fortnite Locations: Where To Construct a Wooden Hatchery

Every week, players of Fortnite get to take part in a variety of quests, which, upon completion, reward them with huge amounts of XP. This week, the game saw 5 legendary quests, one of which is called construct a wooden hatchery. As the name of the quest suggests, players will have to build a wooden hatchery to complete the quest. This is fairly easy as there are three locations to choose from, and you’ll also need 50 wood to complete the quest.

Legendary quests make it easy to earn lots of XP, and this one gets you as much as 45,000 XP. Furthermore, the work and time that goes into this particular quest are very minimal, so there’s a good chance a lot of players will do it.

Fortnite: locations to construct a wooden hatchery

As has been mentioned before, there are three different locations where the player will be able to construct a wooden hatchery. The first location can be found near Catty Corner. Move east from Catty Corner and you’ll find a wooden construction, a cabin, and inside you’ll get to construct the hatchery.

The second location is south of Slurpy Swamp. On one of the smaller islands near where the ocean starts. Again, just like last time, the hatchery can be constructed inside. This location might be slightly tricky to find.

The third location is at the top of the map, on a small island. It’s near Craggy Cliffs. If you’re in Craggy Cliffs, move northeast and you’ll get there. The island will house a similar shack as the others, and once again, you’ll get to construct the hatchery inside.

All three locations come with trees that can be found nearby. Chop down the trees, get the wood, go inside any of these three constructions, and build the hatchery. The moment you finish building the hatchery, your Fortnite legendary quest is complete.

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