Gossip Girl viewers left SHOCKED over full-frontal male nudity in reboot’s third episode

GOSSIP Girl fans were shocked to see full-frontal male nudity while watching the third episode of HBO Max’s reboot series.

Greek star Paul James made a guest appearance in episode 3, spending his whole time on the show completely naked.

HBO MAXGossip Girl featured full-frontal male nudity in the third episode of its HBO Max reboot[/caption]

HBO MAXGreek actor Paul James guest-starred in the episode, where starred in the buff as a performer in a one-man play[/caption]

Paul, who previously worked with Gossip Girl showrunner Joshua Safran on the short-lived Netflix series Soundtrack, played an actor performing in a one-man play.

Gossip Girl’s main cast of characters attended the in-show production, which they had forewarned viewers would contain nudity by bringing it up with each other when discussing the play.

Still, fans of the series weren’t positive what the series would actually show, considering its predecessor wasn’t allowed to feature nudity on The CW.

A little after the halfway point, the play began, and Paul crawled out sans clothing, with his body covered in what looked like blood.

While reciting his monologues, he went up close to the front row audience, including Max’s (Thomas Doherty) parents and his teacher Rafa (Jason Gotay), as they all looked relatively uncomfortable with the proximity of the nude man.

One shocked fan tweeted: “I was not expecting to see paul james from greek d**k all out at this play.”

Another wrote: “Nah I could not even pay attention to what that play was about, all I saw was his d**k swinging about.”

A third said: “Can’t believe I just saw d**k on #GossipGirl. What a time to be alive.”’

Others joked that with all of this full-front male nudity, “this ain’t your mumma’s #GossipGirl” and that they “definitely did not expect to see full-frontal nudity in what is meant to be a teen show.”

“Oh my GAWHD this mans d**k is out what the HELL,” another surprised viewer wrote.

Last week, the teen drama about Manhattan’s elite featured more nudity, though they saved the full-frontal for this week’s episode.

In episode 2, highschoolers Max (Thomas) and Aki (Evan Mock) shared a passionate kiss while stripped completely naked.

The two wore nothing but a towel held in front of them, showing off their bare torsos and backsides.

One fan wrote after seeing the episode: “Watching these two make out naked in a bathhouse is EXACTLY what i signed up for #GossipGirl”

Another hit it right on the mark and said that fans are “not gonna be okay after this new gossip girl reboot episode because of a clothes-less Thomas Doherty kissing men and a** in full view.”

The next Gossip Girl installment – episode 4 – comes out on HBO Max on Thursday, July 29.

HBO MAXHe was covered in what appeared to be blood and performed his monologues in the nude[/caption]

HBO/Gossip GirlIn episode 2 of Gossip Girl, two other characters were naked, though they had towels covering their front half[/caption]

Karolina Wojtasik/HBO MaxHBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot premiered earlier this month[/caption]