“People Love Nikki”– Triple H Talks Nikki A.S.H Becoming the New WWE Raw Women’s Champion

The WWE Universe just can’t stop talking about Nikki A.S.H.’s surprise cash-in just a day after she won the Money in the Bank contract at the MITB PPV.

She cashed in the contract the next night on Raw on Charlotte Flair after she retained her newly won Raw Women’s title against Rhea Ripley.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, WWE’s Executive Vice President of global talent strategy and development, Triple H, talked about how much Nikki A.S.H. deserved to be the women’s champion.

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Triple H says it was not a surprise for them to see Nikki A.S.H. being the championship contender

In the same interview, Hunter said that it was just a matter of time until Nikki became the champion. He further added that they wanted to provide such a stellar show with the live crowd that you get lost in the moment and forget about what is going to happen next.

“Nikki’s win, that captured the beauty of what we do, you get lost in the moment and maybe you never saw it coming.”

And it stood true, as it excited the WWE Universe that Nikki had won the contract and inevitably, she will cash-in at some point in time. But no one expected her to show up the next night and steal the moment.

Triple H also talked about the connection she shares with the live audience, Nikki had her fair share of bad times at the company ever since she got called up to the main roster.

Her win at Monday Night showed how much the fans are invested in her new gimmick and just loving everything she is bringing to the ring.

“It was great to give that surprise, but it’s no surprise to us that people love Nikki, she has an intimate connection to her fans. You could see it was overwhelming to her on Sunday night. That was real emotion.” said Hunter.


— WWE (@WWE) July 20, 2021

Her run as the new Raw Women’s champion will interest many fans out there. Before this, she had a brief and forgetful run as the women’s tag team champion alongside Alexa Bliss.

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