‘Purple Snakes Warzone Tournament’- Dr Disrespect Tears into Twitch for Banning Zlaner from Twitch Rivals

Dr Disrespect and Zlaner are easily one of the most popular Call of Duty Warzone duos at the moment. From breaking several records to entertaining millions of fans, both the streamers always have a great time while playing together.

However, Dr Disrespect’s rocky relationship with Twitch has affected Zlaner on many occasions. Most recently, the streaming service banned the latter from playing in the Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament.

True to his nature, the Two Time took a sly dig on Twitch, and ended up calling it ‘purple snakes’.

Dr Disrespect literally holds his tongue while talking about Twitch

Zlaner was ready to dominate the Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament with Kaley Renay and Clutch Belk. To everyone’s surprise, Twitch staff informed him he’s not eligible to play in the tournament. From the looks of it, this was because Zlaner recently did a Dr Disrespect cosplay on one of his streams.

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Naturally, Doc wasn’t pleased with Twitch’s behavior towards his friend. Hence, he took the opportunity to diss the platform.

Supposedly, there was a purple snakes Warzone tournament happening today. When you say purple snakes, I mean snakes! Specially at the top! Specially all the way at the top man, doesn’t get any snakier than that,” said Doc.

Soon after calling Twitch purple snakes, Dr Disrespect literally held his tongue. Apparently, he had a lot on his mind but refrained from saying it.

“I guess Z’s not allowed to play in the tournament today. I mean, as far as I last understood, he’s not partnered on any other platforms. Also confirming there are Facebook streamers in the same tournament. Phoney snakes!”

Doc eventually laughed at the situation, and the The2Time covered it in a recent video:

Should Doc sue Twitch?

It is self-evident that Dr Disrespect has no intentions to sort things out with Twitch. The reason behind his ban is still unknown, and fans around the world now want the streamer to take things to court like former CS: GO Twitch streamer phantoml0rd.

Phantoml0rd recently won a lawsuit against Twitch. It not only compelled the platform to unban his channel, but to pay him monetary reparations.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Dr Disrespect treads the same path in the near future. As for now, the most ruthless competitor in video game history is having a tough time playing Warzone, and is eagerly waiting for Battlefield 2042.

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