RHOBH’s Erika Jayne ditches glam & shouts ‘I don’t give a f**k’ about costars questioning her ‘lies’ after legal scandal

RHOBH’S Erika Jayne ditched her glam & shouted “I don’t give a f**k” about her costars questioning her “lies” after her legal scandal.

The reality star sported workout gear while on her way to a private dance class in West Hollywood when she lashed out about her costars.

BackGridErika Jayne was spotted in casual wear lashing out about her costars[/caption]

BackGridShe said “I don’t really give a f*** if they do or they don’t,” when asked if her costars believe her claims[/caption]

BackGridErika has remained firm that she did not know about her husband’s alleged embezzling scheme[/caption]

When she was asked if her Real Housewives castmates “believe her,” referencing her claim that she did not know about her ex, Tom Girardi’s embezzling scheme, Erika responded: “I don’t really give a f*** if they do or they don’t.”

The Bravo star has been battling accusations about her involvement in her ex-husband’s lawsuit, as some have doubted her story.

During last week’s episode of RHOBHErika opened up to her friend Kyle Richards about how she felt when she was hit with such a serious lawsuit where it claimed that she and Tom had used the victims’ money to “continue funding their lavish Beverly Hills lifestyles.”

In the intimate moment, the singer burst out in tears and her mascara ran down her cheeks as she spoke about how Tom was “degrading” in front of her as he lost his vision and hearing.

Despite her showing true emotion, a body language expert claimed that it still seemed “rehearsed” and “forced.”

Jason Lee, a former professional poker player of ten years who excelled by reading his opponent’s body language, told The Sun exclusively: “In the clip, Erika’s actions seem to be a bit more rehearsed.

“Now, that doesn’t necessarily imply that she’s lying or being deceitful – it merely means that she’s thought through this conversation before and what she wanted to say.

“It might lead some to think she’s being untruthful, but I believe she’s telling how she really feels – just with a little personal prep before the conversation.”

AP PhotoErika’s ex-husband, Tom Girardi allegedly embezzled money from his former clients[/caption]

BackGridIn last week’s episode, Erika broke down in tears as she held up her innocence[/caption]

And as for her talking about the federal investigation into her alleged involvement, the relationship science and data analyst with Healthy Framework also claimed things seemed off.

In the same conversation with Kyle, she told her that it was “not enviable being the possible target of a federal investigation.”

Lee noticed that at this moment, Erika showed shock as her voice raised into a shriek when saying “federal” and her eyes went up before she turned to Kyle and then looked away again.

Of this specific reaction, Lee analyzed: “To me, these actions seem a bit forced, which could just be someone looking to increase the level of sympathy they get from someone else or it could be the sign of some untruthfulness.

“You notice that right after she makes the comment, she looks over and pauses. Often, when people tell lies, they have a tendency to look at the person they’re lying to in order to gauge whether the untruth landed or not.

“I’m not saying she’s necessarily lying here, but there are a few inconsistencies in her body language that do raise a few questions.”

During Wednesday’s episode of RHOBH, Erika spoke to costars Kyle and Lisa Rinna as reports came out that she and Tom were being sued for embezzlement.

The Bravo star insisted she was “in the dark” about the claims, adding: “They’re suing the firm and I’m being attached to it. I don’t know what happens from here. Some very bad things could happen.”

In a confessional, Erika said: “I don’t know why I would be named in the lawsuit I have nothing to do with it.”

She told her co-stars: “I’ve got more lawyers than I can f**king afford.”

Erika added in a confessional: “To be out here on your own and to have millions of dollars of lawsuits pointed at you is heavy.”

She then broke down in tears while talking to Kyle and Lisa as she said: “I didn’t do this!”

The RHOBH star announced her split from Tom back in early November after 21 years of marriage.

Erika and Tom married in 1999 after meeting at a bar in West Hollywood, where she was a cocktail waitress and he was a frequent patron.

A few days later, the lawsuit against Tom and Erika was made public, prompting fans to think she was running away before things got bad or she was trying to hide something.

BackGridThe lawsuit claimed that she and Tom had used the victims’ money to fund their lavish lifestyles[/caption]

BackGridErika split with Tom back in November after 21 years of marriage[/caption]

BravoErika has been opening up about the lawsuit to her costars saying she had nothing to do with it[/caption]