New £180k Lamborghini cleans your house, cooks you dinner AND entertains your kids

IF you were going to spend £180k on a Lamborghini, you’d want the ruddy thing to clean your house.

And the new Huracan Evo does just that…plus it’ll sort your dinner out and keep the kids entertained too.

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The Sun / Sean KeachLamborghini’s Huracan Evo now has Alexa built-in[/caption]

The Sun / Sean KeachThe ultra-fast Huracan Evo Spyder manages 0-60mph in around 3.1 seconds[/caption]

The Sun / Sean KeachIt’s got a naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 engine that roars[/caption]

I’m not having you on, either. This V10 all-wheel-drive beast now comes with Alexa built in.

That’s Amazon’s handy digital assistant that you’d usually find inside an Echo speaker – but this time, in your car.

I tried the 640-horsepower motor for a week, mostly to see if Alexa was up to snuff. But also to drive fast, obviously.

Setting up Alexa took a matter of seconds, helped by a handy phone-syncing system.

I tried all the obvious stuff: Alexa, tell a joke. Alexa, fart for me. She obliged, naturally.

So she can make you chuckle…but she does loads of useful stuff too.

You can control core car mechanisms, including the volume and air conditioning, with a simple voice command.

And if you ask for the nearest petrol station – or even a nearby Italian restaurant – she’ll offer up choices, and then guide you there via sat nav.

If you’ve got smart home gear, the possibilities are endless.


From the cockpit of this glorious supercar, I was able to command my Dyson 360 robot vacuum cleaner to clean up my kitchen.

I could control my lighting – you could easily convince would-be burglars that you’re still at home, from the comfort of a ritzy Lambo.

And you get access to all of your Amazon services too. Stick on the Harry Potter audiobook with a quick command, and your kid will be enraptured. Probably.

On all other fronts, the Huracan Evo is a glorious and fierce work of art.

I was admittedly nervous about cruising around in an Italian supercar with matching plates a week after the Euros final.

But it attracted adoring eyes everywhere it went. Kids, especially, grinned as it roared past.

And if bringing joy to children isn’t worth £180k, what is?


It’s loud, and Alexa can’t stop your neighbours hating that – or you. Even louder still in Sport mode, as the vents open up and allow the naturally-aspirated engine to unleash its full fury.

Like all Lamborghinis, it goes like the clappers. You’ll do zero to 60mph in between 2.9 and 3.1 seconds. My dear Nan offered to be a passenger, and nearly had a heart attack when I put this to the test. I like to think I keep her young.

Alexa, send granny some flowers…

The Spyder model is great as the roof comes down. So if you’re stuck in the M25 gridlock, you can blast a bit of Classic FM (again, summoned by Alexa) to soothe your fellow drivers.

But perhaps the best bit is that Alexa’s Domino’s Skill lets you order a pizza with a single voice command.

So once you get home, the lights are on, the living room is cooled, and there’s a Italian(-ish) delight waiting for you at the door.

The only problem is having to actually leave the Lambo. And if you’ve spent £180k on it, why would you ever want to? Alexa, tell home I’ll be late…

The Sun / Sean KeachYou can summon a pizza or control your smart home with Alexa[/caption]

The Sun / Sean KeachThere’s an Alexa button on the bottom-left of the info screen – or you can just say Alexa aloud, like you would with an Amazon Echo smart speaker[/caption]

The Sun / Sean KeachIf you can’t hear Alexa over the warcry of the Huracan Evo’s engine, just ask her to turn up the volume[/caption]

The Lamborghini Huracan Evo starts at £165k, while the AWD version costs £182k – plus £7k for Alexa and delivery. In the US, the Huracan EVO will set you back $208k, and you’ll pay $261k for for AWD model, with $3,600 on top for Alexa and Connected Services.

Lamborghini Official – buy here

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