Apex Legends Mobile Looks Even More Promising After the Latest Beta Update

Electronic Arts (EA) made one of the biggest and probably wisest moves when it purchased Respawn Entertainment in 2017. The two studios worked in unison to produce one of the finest Battle Royale titles of the modern era. Upon release, the Battle Royale became famous among the gaming community, turning it into one of the most successful releases. Moreover, the entire genre found another prominent title.

Earlier in the year, EA shared the news about taking Apex to mobile and the end results are very impressive. Veterans of the game and mobile gamers will definitely have a fun time playing this amazing game, as the beta gameplay video reveals positive news.

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video source: The Gaming Merchant

Apex Legends Mobile can change the gaming market

EA has definitely produced a remarkable mobile variant of the game. The gaming studio even rolled out an update, which has further improved the visuals of the game. Moreover. mobile players will get a unique training mod, that does not exist in the PC version. Instead of starting the range, players will be greeted by charming legend, Mirage. He will take you on a round trip through every intricate aspect of the title.

The mobile version of the game contains the majority of weapons that are a part of the game, aside from the 30-30 repeater and Bochek bow. The training area, the range offer the same settings of training dummies and everything. The only difference lies in the new user interface, which allows gamers to easily select weapons and attachments they wish to mount.

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The game definitely has a lot stronger version of aim assist, which allows players to track enemies easily. It also has a unique progression system that can offer in-game currencies, new legends, weapons & character skins, among other things. On a powerful mobile device, the game should run at maximum FPS with no issues of lag or bad performance. Everything else seems quite similar to the PC version. Fans can expect the game to roll out at end of the year, as it is still in the beta phase.

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