REPORTS: WWE Doesn’t Care About CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Joining AEW

AEW reportedly signed CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. When the news came out in the open, many were concerned what this meant for WWE, and how the wrestling entertainment giant would react to the news.

Now, news has surfaced that the company does not care about it. Neither has the company commented about the situation, nor has WWE made an attempt to sign on other pro-wrestlers.

This won’t be the first time that fans have compared WWE and AEW but the former has always denied AEW as a strong competitor. Unfortunately, WWE may not be realizing how far AEW has come, and very soon it will become a strong competitor within the wrestling industry.

Spoke to someone from one of the networks right after today’s @Matmenpodcast

Here is what this person said:

“WWE is not as concerned about the possible Daniel Bryan and CM Punk signing to AEW as we are…”

— Andrew Zarian (@AndrewZarian) July 29, 2021

AEW is catching up with WWE one step at a time

Tony Khan has created a platform where every pro-wrestler is welcome. He’s taken on fresh talent, young talent, and even provided a platform for all the Superstars WWE released from their contracts.

Some of the big names in the industry that signed with AEW are The Big Show, Chris Jericho, Christian Cage, Sting, Cody Rhodes, and others. The company has provided a form of comfort to the pro-wrestlers by allowing them to have a say in their creative storyline.

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Not only that, AEW has branched out and started their new show, AEW Rampage. This is evidence that the audience is responding to AEW’s product. Additionally, the ratings have been on the rise as well. All of these statistics collectively reveal that AEW is on its way to becoming something huge!

Keeping the new show and the new signees aside, AEW is on its way to capture Chicago as its second market. Reportedly, Tony Khan and other officials went to the Windy City to shoot a promo for their upcoming episodes.

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Keeping everything else aside, AEW is constantly positioning itself as a wrestling company who is ready to try new storylines, new stipulations, and new types of matches. This has kept the audience interested in their product since it’s not the same type that WWE has focused on creating over the years.

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