Green Bay Packers Tackle David Bakhtiari Has a Surprise Gift for Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers have somehow managed to convince Aaron Rodgers to return to Lambeau Field. The Packers QB who grew disgruntled with the franchise’s front office almost got to point of retiring over the course of the offseason. 

But with Rodgers back, albeit for at least one more season, Packers fans and players can rest easy for a bit. Losing the 2020 NFL MVP would put a massive dent in the team’s title ambitions. But with Rodgers back, the Packers camp is all smiles. 

And Green Bay Packers O-linesman David Bakhtiari wanted to do his bit to make Aaron Rodgers feel at home again. 

Aaron Rodgers gets a customized new whip

David Bakhtiari and Aaron Rodgers are perhaps two of the most important cogs of the Packers’ offensive unit. The offensive tackle, a two-time NFL All-Pro provides Rodgers with the crucial protection he needs to make the big plays. 

And the big man had a little something for Rodgers upon his return to Lambeau Field. The tackle was aware that Rodgers always wanted an Aston Martin Vanquish to add to his collection of supercars.

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And Bakhtiari made the quarterback’s wishes come true. Well, almost. Bakhtiari handed over the keys of Aaron Rodgers‘ dream car to the quarterback but it wasn’t quite the model Rodgers had in mind. 

Bakhtiari got a golf cart customized to look like an Aston Martin Vanquish which came along with a pink fuzzy steering wheel cover as well. And it came with certain other customizations too. 

With Rodgers’ #12 stitched on the driver’s seat, the customized golf cart also came with a special tribute to the reigning MVP. Rodgers’ three MVP years stenciled near the seat to remind the quarterback of his greatness. 

“My man finally got that #Ashtonmartin he always wanted. This is the real reason Aaron came back. Enjoy it 3x MVP. No more shaming @patmcafeeshow #Details #Vanquish #handbuiltinengland #luvn69,” captioned the Instagram post where Bakhtiari was seen handing over the keys to Aaron Rodgers. 

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The gift surely put a smile on Aaron Rodgers’ face. And Packers fans will be thankful to Bakhtiari for the gesture. Because, who knows, a happy Aaron Rodgers might just end up staying at Green Bay beyond 2022.  

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