Horner Divulges on His ‘Old-Fashioned’ F1 Habit on Red Bull’s Pit Wall

In a recent all-access shared by Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner gives us a tour of the seats on the pit wall. The team installed a new pit wall at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone. Horner mentioned all the things that go on while the personnel are sitting on the pit wall.

Horner has mentioned a tweak in the pit wall that is important for him personally during the race. Red Bull will be using this pit wall in Hungary as well.

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Other pit walls don’t have this: Red Bull team principal

While explaining the work done on the pit wall, Horner mentioned an important aspect of the new pit wall. He stated that the window on the pit wall allows him to see the cars on the track.

The best seats at track just got an upgrade Christian takes us on a tour of our brand-new pit wall pic.twitter.com/2fd8RnNpHq

— Red Bull Racing Honda (@redbullracing) July 31, 2021

” Most importantly, through this window here I can see the track,” said Horner.

” Other pit walls, not many of them, have that now. But I still am a little bit old-fashioned that I wanna see the car go past. Because sometimes, you can see if the driver is getting a run or if something is about to happen.” continued Horner.

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The statement by Mercedes is a little antagonistic: Christian Horner

As reported by crash.net, Christian Horner has finally reacted to the official statement released by Mercedes regarding Red bull’s rejected right to review. Christian called the statement by the German team antagonistic and surprising.

The statement by Mercedes is a little antagonistic, shall we say, but I don’t really read too much into it,” Horner said.

Formula One F1 – Portuguese Grand Prix – Algarve International Circuit – Portimao, Portugal – April 30, 2021, Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner talks in the Team Principals Press Conference FIA/Handout via REUTERS

“It’s never been anything personal about a single driver. It’s about the events that happened, and a competition between two guys, it’s not individual to any driver. If that had been any other driver, the reaction would have been identical. So I was a little surprised by the Mercedes comments.” said Horner.

Red Bull would look to bounce back in Hungary after their Silverstone failure.

Can Red Bull win in Hungary? Let us know.



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