Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Adoree accuses husband Dick of ‘sabotaging’ part of family home

ESCAPE to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge and wife Angel Adoree bickered over Dick’s “sabotaging” of the family home.

After renovating their 19th Century French Chateau into their dream home, the couple turned their attention to the garden.

Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Adoree accused husband Dick of ‘sabotage’ in a recent episode

Dick took it upon himself to dig up the ground outside the chateau for a wild flower meadow

But, Angel was left unimpressed by Dick’s attempt at creating a wild-flower meadow in a recent episode of the Channel 4 show.

Dick decided to create the meadow in front of the Orangery by digging up 3,500 square metres of grass.

Angel was stunned when she saw the results and said: “Is it meant to look like that? It looks like organised sabotage.”

Dick laughed: “This will be all wild-flowers when we finish. Trust me.”

Pulling a rusty object out of the car Dick explained: “This is a hearse, hearse de prairie.

“It’s basically, I don’t know quite what it’s going to be when we get it out here but hopefully, it’s a rake.”

However, Dick hit a barrier as he didn’t know how to put it together.

Later, Dick was seen planting wild-flower seeds and he explained: “I’ve bought wild-flower seeds which means they’ll be in flower this year and three kilos of perennials.

“Which means that they’re going to flower year after year.

“I’m going to turn this very ugly ploughed field into something beautiful.”

All Dick could do then was hope that his efforts were enough to please his wife.

The move wasn’t quite what Angel had expected

Dick tried to appease his wife and said she would like the finished product

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All 4