‘Last Time I Am Going to Give You a Compliment’: Michael Jordan Recalls a Hilarious Incident Involving Former Teammate Luc Longley

‘The Last Dance’ is one of the best sporting modern-day sporting documentaries. Based on the legendary Chicago Bulls dynasty, it shows all the behind-the-scenes. However, recently, Michael Jordan said that he regrets the omission of one of his then Bulls teammates.

He admitted that he wanted to involve Luc Longley in the documentary. However, Jordan said that they did not have the budget to send a filming crew to Australia. Now, Michael Jordan shared a ruthless story about his former teammate.

Michael Jordan of the United States before the United States 97–49 win over China during the men’s Basketball competition on 29 July 1984 during the XXIII Olympic Summer Games at the The Forum in Inglewood, California, United States. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Allsport/Getty Images)

Jordan spoke about their game against the Utah Jazz in 1998. He shared how he regretted complimenting Luc Longley’s performance through the game.

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Michael Jordan shares a ruthless story about Luc Longley

Speaking about Luc Longley, Jordan highlighted a game against the Utah Jazz. He said he complimented Luc for having an amazing first quarter. However, things did not stay the same as the Bulls lost the game. Michael said:

This Michael Jordan story about Luc Longley is ruthless

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— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) August 6, 2021

“In ’98, we are playing Utah Jazz. The first quarter ends. Luc has 12 points, 4 blocks, and 4 rebounds. And I go to Luc and I say, ‘that’s it how you freaking play man, you do that we dominate. We up by 16. At the end of the game. Luc had 12 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 blocks. We winning by 16, we lose by 15. And I just looked at Luc and I said, ‘you know what Luc, that is the last time I am going to give you a compliment in the middle of a game.”

This seems like a classic Michael Jordan story. Moreover, it goes to show that Luc was an important piece for the Chicago Bulls. Now, looking at the story, it seems to be hilarious as well. It is rare that Jordan compliments a teammate. However, this one game does not show the impact of the 7’2″ big man for the Bulls.

Why was Luc Longley an important piece?

After Michael’s first retirement, Luc Longley came in with the Chicago Bulls. He was their starting center throughout the second three-peat. Longley was not necessarily the guy racking up points. However, it was the other small things that Longley did that turned out to be huge.

The Lakers’ Elden Campbell shoots over the reach of the Bulls’ Michael Jordan, as his teammates Scotty Pippin(left) and Luc Longley look on. Campbell had a career high 34 points. (Photo by Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Longley was the guy who would do those dirty things, play hard-nosed defense, and set the screens. Jordan, being a scorer, needed someone who could give him the space. Longley fit perfectly for Jordan to do what he did best. Moreover, in the ‘Last Dance’ season, Longley was the 4th scorer on the team putting up 11 points per game.

The 7’2″ big man protected the rim and grabbed important rebounds for the Bulls as well. To this day, he remains to be the only Australian player with 3 NBA championships to his name. It is clear to see why Jordan regrets not having his center in the documentary.

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