Tony Khan Shoots on Vince McMahon, Explains Why AEW is a Major Threat to WWE

AEW President Tony Khan explains why WWE should consider his company a threat in an interview, and explained that no other show had been the number one show on cable for three weeks in a row.

The company currently is enjoying its slow and steady rise on the viewership scale. Last week’s AEW Dynamite: Homecoming registered a million-plus viewership for the fourth consecutive week.

Since AEW’s inception, it has been battling NXT in terms of viewership every Wednesday night, but the last month has been crazy for Tony Khan’s company as it is breaking its record in viewership.

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However, WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon recently said in an interview that he does not consider AEW a competition as he considered WCW back in the 90s.

 Tony Khan explains how AEW has grown

Speaking on Busted Open Radio this week, AEW’s President talked about how Vince thinking that there’s no competition is completely wrong.

He also says that it is because of the fans that the company had grown this big.

He said, “That competition not existing, I think, led to some staleness up until a few years ago. And really we’ve seen a really exciting time around the wrestling business, and the pandemic came at a time when the momentum had really picked up.

Tony added, “And now the fans are back, the momentum is not only back but really I think we’re on a stronger course than we’ve ever been, a real trajectory… That hasn’t happened, where another wrestling company outside of WWE, has had the number one show on cable three weeks in a row since the peak of Nitro.”

This seems to be true for AEW, yes it is a budding company, but no other wrestling promotion has gathered these numbers outside the WWE.

In the same interview, Tony also thanked the fans because of the sold-out United Center which will host the AEW Rampage: The First Dance event.

He further added that because of this overwhelming response that AEW is planning to put more tickets on sale for the event.

“It’s so awesome,” Khan said. “We’ve got some really big shows coming out. The announcement that the First Dance sold out was great, and now we’re going to try and open up more tickets and find more seats there. But everything’s been going so awesome.”

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