WATCH: Ricciardo’s Prophecy Comes True as ‘Nerd’ Vettel Smashes Everyone Else on F1 Grid

The 2021 F1 edition of Grill the Grid has been quite exemplary, with drivers having to tackle unique challenges over each episode. But, one of the drivers who managed to stand out in this off-track expedition is the 4-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

During the recently premiered final episode, Daniel Ricciardo, too, acknowledged that the German would answer the questions quite easily. And rightfully, so, that was the ultimate result.

What did Daniel Ricciardo say?

Unlike the previous episodes that focused on circuits and teams, this time, F1 opted to stick with drivers. The task is for the current drivers to figure out every single world champion in Formula 1. While it might sound easy for many, it wasn’t, as many, including Ricciardo, struggled evidently.

The Australian landed in the year 1987, but he just couldn’t find out the world champion of that particular season. “87, who else was there in that… wait. Is it someone else? Patrese? Was he around then? I don’t know,” Ricciardo wondered.

Formula One F1 – Hungarian Grand Prix – Hungaroring, Budapest, Hungary – July 29, 2021 McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix REUTERS/Florion Goga

Soon enough, he received the answer, Nelson Piquet, to which the Honey Badger replied, “Piquet! I knew it was a ‘P’.

In the process, he also took a complimentary dig at his Red Bull predecessor, Sebastian Vettel. “I think Vettel will get those. He’s a bit of a nerd. Yeah, he’ll smash those” he said.

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How did Sebastian Vettel fare in the F1 task?

One word, fabulous. The German received a round of applause from the entire crew that was available at that time. Why you might ask? Well, the only tough fight he faced was from Max Verstappen, but the Dutchman finally gave out an incorrect answer after guessing 38 years correctly.

Hence, all attention turned onto Vettel, who was still going strong by then. The Aston Martin driver was impressive enough to spell out the drivers who won each of the 71 world championship titles, hence earning 71 points.

Formula One F1 – Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Baku City Circuit, Baku, Azerbaijan – June 6, 2021 Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel celebrates with a trophy on the podium after finishing in second place REUTERS/Anton Vaganov

Ultimately, Vettel also won the 2021 edition of Grill the Grid, having secured a 31-point lead from second-placed Verstappen.

The German further received a trophy, which had his name embedded on it. Taking a glance at it, he replied, “Thank you very much, second trophy this year, and let’s hope there’s more to come. I wanna dedicate this one to the team, because, it’s so nice and they are good fun.”

Overall, that was an astounding end to Vettel’s journey in this year’s Grill the Grid. Hence, can he continue to lead the pack over future editions as well?

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