GTA V Owner Take-Two Interactive Working on Multiple Exciting Remasters

Gamers around the world are delighted about Take-Two Interactive working on 3 new games, and this news has been confirmed. However, these games won’t exactly be completely new titles or new installments in already established franchises. Instead, these games will be remakes of old games. Unfortunately, it still remains unknown what these games will be.

Take-Two Interactive working on other titles as well

These three unnamed games are not the only games Take-Two Interactive is working on. The company is also working on three other titles, and they are Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Grand Theft Auto 5 Online (standalone), and Kerbal Space Program.

And it is not exactly a huge surprise that Take-Two Interactive is working on multiple remasters since earlier in the year, Strauss Zelnick, the Chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, expressed willingness to continue releasing remastered versions of older titles.


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What will the three “unannounced” remasters be?

There is no real way to conclusively answer the question of what these games will be. Take-Two has been associated with so many great games over the years, and these three games could be any three games Take-Two was involved with.

It could be an older Grand Theft Auto title, and this is something players have been looking forward to for ages. Gamers want it to be Vice City, and if Vice City does get a remaster, gamers will lose their minds. And since Take-Two doesn’t do cheap ports and actually tries to make their remasters look good, Vice City on current-gen consoles and contemporary computers will look and run great.

Another great pick is Bully. Bully came out in 2006, and the game is available on the PS4. Bully received critical, as well as commercial, success upon launch, and gamers would love a remake of the fan-favorite title in 2021.

Other great choices would be the Bioshock games or Red Dead Redemption. But, since Take-Two hasn’t announced the games yet, members of the gaming community can only hope.

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