Battlefield 2042: The Wacky New ‘Portal’ Mode Promises To Bring Back Additional Classic Game Modes

Battlefield 2042 will come out later in the year. The game was revealed not too long ago, and players loved everything they saw. But one mode was kept a secret till last month. The mode in question is the Battlefield Portal. And players were ecstatic when they found out just how extensive, elaborate, and fantastic this mode was during the EA Play live event. Not only will it introduce unfathomable levels of customizability, it will also help bring back two classic Battlefield modes.

The two modes that players will be able to revive are Air Superiority and Tank Superiority. Battlefield players love both modes, and now, in Battlefield 2042, thanks to the Portal mode, both modes are all set to make their long-due return.

Battlefield 2042: Battlefield Portal will be so much fun

Air Superiority was first introduced in Battlefield 1943, and the gameplay kept things simple and exciting. Players would fly planes, trying to take enemy planes down, while attempting to complete objectives. And Tank Superiority was a fun little mode where players could engage in tank-based combat. Tank Superiority was first introduced in Battlefield 3. And due to the seemingly endless options that Battlefield Portal brings to the table, both these modes can be recreated.

Battlefield Portal will be nothing like anything players have experienced in a Battlefield game before. Players will get to use weapons and vehicles from previous titles. They will also get to mix things up. For instance, if a player wants to create a match between two teams where one team uses BF 3 weapons while the other uses BF 2042 weapons, they can do that. If they want a match between tanks and helicopters, they’ll be able to do that. The options are truly endless.

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It is due to the Battlefield Portal, that allows for such extensive customizability, that players will get to bring back Tank Superiority and Air Superiority. They also get to make any type of customized match they feel like, and gamers can’t wait for Battlefield 2042 to come out.

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