Fortnite: How to Get the Superman Skin in Fortnite- Everything You Need to Know

The Man of Steel is finally here. The Fortnite universe is going to welcome the Superhero of all time very soon. Fortnite has collaborated with the DC in the past for Batman, Aquaman, and The Flash, But, this time, the hype is just unreal.

Superman’s skin is one of the most awaited and requested items on Fortnite till now, and now he is finally available. August has been an amazing month for all Fortnite lovers, be it the Ariana Grande live concert or the Cammy and Guile from the street fighter.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Superman skin in Fortnite.

Superman in Fortnite!

The release date of Superman in Fortnite is August 12, 2021. Fans have to be patient just a little longer to finally get a look at the most awaited skin of all time. Just like with other Battle Pass skin or items, players have to complete some quests and challenges to grab the ultimate superman skin.

The initial skin which will be available to all the players right away with absolutely no challenge or quest is that of Clark Kent. Clark Kent is Superman’s alias, whom he uses to hide his real identity.

Steps to get the Superman skin

There will be a total of nine quests to get the Superman skin, but these quests are not in-game yet. A data miner has leaked them. The set has multiple items, such as:

Shield spray
The normal outfit
Secret identity emote
Action emoticon
Shadow style of Superman
Crypton loading screen
Cape glider
Banner icon of Superman

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Superman is a non-playing character alongside Batman, which will allow players to start their exciting new journey for the first quest.

To complete the very first challenge, players have to ”complete all quests from Clark Kent, Batman and Beast Boy”. The NPCs can be easily found from weeping wood, Steel farm, and Dirty Docks.
For the second quest and the Call of action reward, players have to again complete a required challenge from the above-mentioned NPCs.
For the third quest and Super Shield of Superman, players have to complete three quests in total.
To get their hands on the Daily Planet Black Bling reward, players have to glide through five rings with Clark Kent skin.
For Identity emote, Superman’s Cap, and the ultimate Superman skin reward, players have to finish the fifth quest by using any phone booth in the game with Clark Kent skin.
The other 4 quests have not been revealed yet.

Season 7 of Fortnite is in its final days, but there are still many things left to make this season the best of all. HYPEX tweeted a long list of all the things players could still expect in Season 7. Season 7 will end on August 12, 2021, so grab all these exciting, cool pieces of items lined up in the last run of Season 7.

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