Fortnite Superman Challenges: Glide Through Rings as Clark Kent Locations

DC icon Superman recently joined the massive roster of characters in Fortnite. After weeks of teasing from the fans about his arrival, the Kryptonian has finally landed on the Island for players to enjoy. He had first appeared on the Battle Pass trailer for Chapter 2 Season 7. However, it took a long time for players to use him after his page unlocked recently.

Unlike the older skins of the Battle Pass, players won’t need any Battle Stars to purchase Superman-themed items. Players will receive these items by completing various challenges involving the World’s Greatest Superhero and his alter ego of a Daily Planet reporter. One of these challenges will even allow players to hone their skills of flying/gliding around the map to earn a very cool reward.

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Gliding through Rings as Clark Kent in Fortnite

A challenge from the long list of quests in Fortnite requires players to fly like a bird as the Last Son of Krypton. This will allow them to gain a new item from the Superman collection in the Daily Planet Back Bling. To do this, players will have to fly through rings currently floating above the Island. They can do this after dropping off the Battle Bus. After moving to the location by skydiving, they can fly through the yellow rings by using their glider.

To complete this mission, players will need to equip the Clark Kent Outfit, which he uses while working as a reporter for the Daily Planet. There will be five rings to cross through. However, players don’t have to worry if they can’t get them all in one go, as they can take multiple attempts if they have some unfinished business.

Location of the Rings

Players can find these five rings currently on top of the map in Fortnite. They lie exactly on top of Weeping Widows between the two bends of the river. So if players are far away from the POI, they should glide as soon as they jump off the bus. Then they can control the gliding and the skydiving to reach the correct altitude to fly through the rings properly, like Superman.

In the end, with this challenge, players will use another skill of the Man of Steel to gain an item from his collection. By completing all the challenges, players can then play the game as the guy from Smallville to terrorize their opponents.

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