Max Verstappen on Twitch: Best Moments, Amusing Streams With Lando Norris & More

When the world woke up to the wrath of COVID-19 and headed into lockdown, quite a few F1 drivers, including Max Verstappen, opted to use the time in garnering social media fans.

It all started with the ‘twitch quartet’, comprising Charles Leclerc, George Russell, Alex Albon, and Lando Norris. But the fever eventually went on to hit the Red Bull F1 driver, Verstappen.

The Dutchman preferred to enter the world of simulator racing through one of the most famous streaming platforms, Twitch. The moment the news broke out, millions of viewers swarmed onto the doorsteps of Verstappen’s Twitch profile.

There were reports that his concurrent viewers at one point hit an improbable peak, which quite straightforwardly beat the high of Lando Norris.

The entry of Max Verstappen into Twitch

The Red Bull driver created his own profile on Twitch in March 2020, days after F1 announced the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix. His profile goes by the name ‘MaxVerstappen‘, which currently has over 131k subscribers. As of now, there aren’t any videos that Verstappen has uploaded to his profile.

Instead, he has worked with Team RedLine to compete in iRacing alongside 3 others, who have won championship trophies in sim racing.

I will be streaming my onboard for tonight’s @TeamRedlineSim Real Racers Never Quit on #RealRacersNeverQuit

— Max Verstappen (@Max33Verstappen) March 25, 2020

Verstappen’s official account is rarely active, as the streaming mostly takes place through another profile named, GianniVecchio.

Apart from iRacing, Verstappen has also been a streamed himself playing Call of Duty: Warzone, along with his squad. As of August 2021, Verstappen is still very much active on Twitch, frequently streaming two of his favorite games iRacing and Call of Duty.

Verstappen and Norris: The Twitch battle

Norris may have given up on Twitch in 2021, but the Briton was certainly one of the famous streamers on Twitch in 2019 and 2020. And, as expected, Norris and Verstappen hit the crossroads, as the duo decided to stream together in September 2020.

The duo played iRacing together. Of course, their racing was clean, but their conversations were quite hilarious. The two drivers talked about certain incidents that took place over the 2019 F1 season.

And of course, who could ever forget Norris’ outfit! The Briton was wearing the special Valentino Rossi outfit that was in a vibrant Yellow and Fluorescent Green color.

Later in 2020, the duo even streamed playing Call of Duty, which had amusing moments spilled throughout. Overall, it’s been a long time since Norris and Verstappen streamed together, and of course, the Twitch fans are yearning to witness this combo. So, will they team up anytime soon?

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