“Talk to You D**kheads” – Jack Miller Boldly Responds to Maverick Vinales Drama

The unrest between Maverick Vinales and Yamaha currently dominates the world of MotoGP. At the Styrian GP last weekend, those tensions escalated after the Spaniard recorded a DNF.

Along with a miserable 2021, Vinales terminated his contract with Yamaha in June. Although this means he will leave the Japanese outfit at the end of the season, there seems to be no way for it to happen in a peaceful manner.

While this situation intensifies, Australian rider Jack Miller gave his thoughts on the situation at Yamaha.

Jack Miller makes witty quip while speaking about Maverick Vinales

Miller made an impressive start to the season, winning the Spanish GP and French GP in succession. In addition, he also claimed a third-place finish in the Catalan GP last month. Currently, the Australian sits in fifth place in the championship with 100 points. He leads Vinales, who’s sixth, by five points.

After the Styrian GP last weekend, Yamaha issued a statement blaming Vinales for damaging his bike, which caused him to record a DNF. When asked about the Spaniard’s actions earlier today, he let his outspoken personality shine through, not holding back.

The full, very long quote from Jack Miller, in response to the question of what Maverick Viñales chose to do last week: pic.twitter.com/mcJ9ILXi4T

— David Emmett (@motomatters) August 12, 2021

He said, “Sorry to say, but you’re not doing what you get paid for, which is to race a motorcycle to the best of your ability. No matter the temper or whatever. We’re not here to be an influencer, we’re not here to be whatever these idiots want to be. We get paid to race motorcycles. Full Stop. And talk to you d*ckheads.”

This response drew appreciation from several fans on Twitter, who lauded his direct approach to answer the question.

That last line! pic.twitter.com/dVbmnRIE3f

— Mark H (@EvoMarkH) August 12, 2021

One user tweetedThis is why I like @jackmilleraus. No BS and seems to have a good sense of humour with it! Oh and he’s pretty handy on the bike too. Always gives it 100%.” Another tweeted“Jack’s never going to mince his words, he learned from the best.”

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Miller: Not saying either party is right or wrong

While he gave a bold response to reporters, Miller didn’t place blame on either Vinales or Yamaha. However, he stressed on what riders in MotoGP are paid to do, which is striving to be the best.

He said, “I’m not saying either party is right or wrong, it is what it is, that’s between them. But at the end of the day, it’s a relatively simple thing. You get paid to ride a motorcycle. It’s as simple as that, that’s what it is.”

While Vinales serves a suspension this weekend, Miller will look to rebound after recording a DNF last weekend. Can the Ducati rider add a fourth podium to his impressive 2021 season in the Austrian GP?

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