Vauxhall Mokka e: Slick electric SUV will take you 200 miles for JUST £10

DON’T mock the Mokka – Vauxhall’s new electric SUV is a mean green gadget machine.

I’ve been trying out the Mokka e Sri Nav Premium and it’s easily one of Vauxhall’s most tempting motors.

The Sun / Sean KeachVauxhall’s Mokka e is a fully electric mini SUV[/caption]

The Sun / Sean KeachIt’s got a surprisingly premium interior for the price[/caption]

The Sun / Sean KeachCharging is easy – just plug it in with a single cable and wait[/caption]

Mokka isn’t a new line by any means, but the latest Mokka e is firmly in the future – with a totally electric powertrain.

The electric range isn’t groundbreaking at 201 miles (or a bit less if you drive with vigour), but it’s a good distance for the price.

It’s easy to charge – you can take it from 20% to 80% in about half an hour at a rapid charger.

And you can easily charge it up overnight at a more common 7KWh pole you’d find on a street.

It costs about a tenner to juice up to full (give or take a few quid depending on your method).

So the price per mile is staggeringly low, especially if you’re only driving locally and staying in Eco mode.

Of course, there is also some joy in engaging Sport Mode and terrifying your passengers with a very impressive standing start.

The zero to 60mph is 8.7 seconds – not wild – but the instant torque means the first part of that gives you a big kick, and it’s great fun.

It’s especially cool given that you’re driving a small SUV, but the car is fast and agile like something much more aerodynamic.

You won’t go above 93mph (not that you would in the UK, of course…), but that’s not really the point of this car. You’re saving the planet. Is that not enough?

And it’s a fully automatic front-wheel drive, so it’s about as easy to pick up as a car can be.

Tech interior

Vauxhall’s Multimedia Navi Pro system is very easy to use – and looks great on the built-in 10-inch touchscreen.

You get digital radio, Sat Nav and Bluetooth.

It also supports Apple CarPlay, so you can enjoy an iPhone-style system.

And for charging, you’ve got a front USB slot, and two in the back to boot.

There’s cruise control (nothing to write home about these days), but it’s adaptive – which isn’t always the case.

That means if you set it to 70mph and the car in front slows to 60mph, the Mokka e will follow suit.

It means you can truly relax on that horrible bit of the M1 that’s a 45-minute stretch of camera-enforced speed restrictions.

And there’s an emergency city braking system, designed to stop you from rolling into the car in front if you ever found yourself distracted in traffic.

Best not to rely on that though, and actually look at the road.

In any case, there’s a forward collision alert system that will warn you of impending doom – including on motorways.

You’ve got lane positioning assistance, and a blind spot alert that attempts to prevent side-on collisions while changing lanes. Can’t complain, really.

The Mokka is equipped with a very respectable camera system, including a panoramic rear-view camera.

And there are distance sensors too, so you’ve really got no excuse for parking badly.

There’s a handy wireless mobile phone charger, although it’s a £150 extra.

But most of the good stuff (everything I’ve mentioned so far) is standard issue with the Mokka e, which is one of the big perks.

One bizarre joy is the car locking system.

As long as the key is in your pocket, you can walk up to the car and it will unlock.

And if you walk away, the Mokka e will lock itself too. For the truly lazy, it is glorious.

So you needn’t worry about forgetting to secure your posh new Vauxhall.

Chuck in a heating system for the seats and steering wheel and you’ve got yourself a very comfortable motor indeed.

Make a Mokka of other cars

It’s also surprising eye-catching.

Drive a posh Porsche or Lambo and you expect the looks. But I was shocked to be turning heads in a Vauxhall.

There’s certainly the fact that it’s a very new model, but it’s also a very slick and futuristic looking motor.

And don’t forget the pedestrian shock factor of not hearing a car coming, only to turn around to be greeted with a gleaming 13-foot SUV staring you in the face.

The Mokka e is a real cracker of a car.

It’s got a striking design, a truly exceptional interior, and eco credentials that would make Greta Thunberg blush.

If you’re dead set on embracing the electric revolution, this is a great place to start – and is one of the thrifter ways to do it.

The Vauxhall Mokka e we tested costs £32,755. The electric vehicle starts at £30,540.

The Sun / Sean KeachThe large infotainment system is fitting for a car from the future[/caption]

The Sun / Sean KeachUsing a Rapid Charger will take your battery to 80% in about half an hour[/caption]

The Sun / Sean KeachIt costs about a tenner to fully charge the Mokka e[/caption]

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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