Watch: 4 Year Old Fan Dedicates Her ‘Gymnast of the Week’ Award to Role Model Simone Biles After Tokyo Olympics 2020

Entering her second mega-quadrennial games at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Simone Biles was the favorite to win a medal. Unfortunately, Simone had to exit from events because of her mental health. While fans were disappointed that they won’t see their favorite gymnast’s perfect moves, they supported her in her decision.

Eager to watch her perform, a four-year-old gymnast was also sad about her withdrawal. In a sweet gesture, UK’s Verity Ofori-Kuragu dedicated her award to Biles in light of her decision to not compete in Tokyo.

4-year-old sends support to Olympic champion Simone Biles

Verity Ofori-Kuragu started gymnastics at the age of three. She started doing handstands even earlier, at the age of two and was inspired by British gymnast Joe Fraser.

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After starting her gymnastic classes, Verity’s mother showed her videos of Simone. Instantly, the young child felt a connection with Biles and thought she looked the same as her. During the Tokyo Olympics, back in the UK, the young gymnast won the ‘gymnast of the week’ award.

FILE PHOTO: Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Gymnastics Artistic Training – Ariake Gymnastics Centre, Tokyo, Japan – July 22, 2021 Simone Biles of the United States during training REUTERS/File Photo

Verity was excited to watch Biles on television, but Simone had taken a step back because of her mental health. When Verity’s mother informed her about Simone not feeling okay, the child decided to share her award with the Olympic champion.

The young child sends a sweet message to her idol

Verity recorded a video of herself dedicating her ‘Gymnast of the week’ award to Simone Biles. The 4-year-old sent a heart-touching message for her idol.

In the video, Verity said, “Hi Simone Biles, It’s Verity here. I love your gymnastics, and I am sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Well done for taking a break, and I’m dedicating my trophy to you. I hope you get better soon and you are the greatest of all time. I love you, Simone. “

Biles’s powerful message to take care of her mental health has influenced many athletes. Simone Biles and her contribution to gymnastics has inspired many young children, like Verity to take up the sport.

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