Drew McIntyre Recalls a Hilarious Incident Before Facing The Undertaker on WWE SmackDown

Drew McIntyre has been one of the most talked-about wrestlers for the past couple of years. His return to WWE saw him reach the sky and beyond. The former WWE Champion has had some incredible matches in his career, including a match with the Phenom.

Talking to ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus on “BT Sport“, McIntyre revealed what was going through his mind. Before the match, Drew tried to calm his nerves by talking to his good friend Wade Barrett, who didn’t have time for him.

McIntyre emphasized how big a deal it was that he came out second. He remembers Undertaker being in the ring and him walking out, trying to keep a straight face. Drew stated he tried to keep his composure while the Undertaker was just pacing around, looking dead at him.

“This day I was facing The Undertaker. Obviously, a big match in my career. He [Wade] was in NXT at the time. I remember talking to him during the day, I tried to get my good buddy Wade, ease the nerves. I was like, ‘I’ve got this match tonight’. And I’m trying to talk to him and he’s so aloof. I’m just trying to get his attention.”

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“Wade was like ‘Drew, I can’t concentrate right now. I can’t talk to you. I’ve got this big match tonight, me and Skip Sheffield… So later on he had his big match with Skip Sheffield, and then he checked the board and went Drew vs Undertaker. He came up to apologize later on. And I told him, ‘Yeah, I was just trying to calm the nerves with my good friend Stu, then you start moaning about your big three-minute match with Skip Sheffield.” 

Drew McIntyre to face Jinder Mahal this Saturday at SummerSlam

The Scottish Warrior‘ is like a man on a mission going into SummerSlam. His once brother from 3MB is now his mortal enemy. Both men have achieved brilliant success during their time in WWE, but this feels personal.

Both wrestlers know each other very well, which makes this match-up even more exciting. With Veer and Shanky out of the picture, it will be a fair fight between two former WWE Champions.

Who will prevail? Comment down below and let us know!

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