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How to get more Instagram followers – 6 tips to boost your numbers

IF you’ve ever wondered why you’re struggling to gain Instagram followers you might be missing a few simple tricks.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to gain Instagram followers for any budding influencers or small businesses out there.

GettyConsistency and hashtags could get you a long way on Instagram[/caption]

Decide what your account is about

To gain followers, you need to offer them something.

That might be pictures of a specific thing, fashion, food or your fun personality.

Whatever it is, make sure you keep consistent and you’ll end up in an Instagram community which shares your niche.

Use good hashtags

Hashtags can get you a long way but only if you’re using the right ones.

Try typing in some keywords and seeing what content comes up for those hashtags and whether you want your content to join that.

Try and use some hashtags that have fewer posts attached to them.

For example, “#brunch” has 31.2million posts connected to it.

Whereas, “#brunchideas” only has 243,000 posts using it so your content is more likely to be seen in that pile.

Engage with your audience

Make sure you reply to comments to keep people engaged.

You can also create engagement opportunities on your Instagram Stories with polls and questions.


Collaboration is great if you know another brand or influencer who would like to team up with you.

Being posted about on another account’s Stories can increase engagement for you and can create some fun content for your followers.

Post consistently

The more often you post, the more you can engage with followers and potential followers.

A lot of brands post everyday but you just need to find a posting style that works for you and your community.

Several times a week should be enough to keep people interested if your content is top quality.

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