DrLupo Joins Valkyrae and MrBeast as He Signs Up With YouTube Gaming

Prominient Twitch streamer Ben “DrLupo” has jumped ship to YouTube after being with other platforms for years. This major migration does not bear good news for Twitch, as it loses yet another massive streamer. However, he isn’t only the major streamer on YouTube, as the video sharing platform has already acquired Dr Disrespect, Valkyrae and MrBeast.

If this list continues to grow, then YouTube could become a credible threat that can end Twitch’s monopoly. The streamer is going to host its first exclusive YouTube stream on August 31st.

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DrLupo will now stream exclusively on YouTube

According to a report by TheVerge, the 34-year-old streamer’s multi-million dollar deal with Twitch has come to a close. Ben is famous for hosting entertaining streams of various titles, and it has turned him into a marquee name. He has dabbled with every major title imaginable and has earned a 1.75 million followers on YouTube. Ben had already built a massive community on Twitch with nearly 4.5 million followers.

He pulls in over a hundred thousand viewers each month and his videos on YouTube fetches a similar number of views. This massive jump from Twitch to YouTube will indeed put him in unknown territory, as YouTube’s streaming service is still in its nascent stage.

Regardless of that, noteworthy additions like Lupo, Valkyrae, MrBeast, Dr Disrespect, CouRageJD will only help the platform to grow. This roster of top-rated streamers is more than enough to suggest that YouTube is here to stay and it is only to grow tenfolds.

Twitch offered a reaction and wished ‘nothing but the best in his career as the streamer steps away from the platform. It is quite clear that Lupo is one of the beloved people on the internet, and even Twitch has nothing but good things to say about the departing streamer.

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As a creator, a gamer and a father, you’re many things to many people.

Above all, @DrLupo, you’re someone who works hard to put good into the world.

We wish you nothing but the best in everything that comes next. pic.twitter.com/pkUCoX1dWe

— Twitch (@Twitch) August 30, 2021

YouTube needs to up its game and needs to introduce ground-breaking changes to the platform to better accommodate streamers. This new form of live entertainment has its own particular needs that are different from the pre-recorded videos. The community has already voiced their complaints about visibility and finding it quite hard to adjust to the mysterious algorithm.

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